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12-07-2006, 07:24 PM
A great weekend !!!

I was looking forward to riding some roads i'd never been on before and boy was Pezz excited about his 1st big trip on the 640 rallye after sorting out it's electrical gremlins, I think he called me every night in the week leading up to the ride.

An early start, woke up at 5am, left home at 6 to meet Pezz at McGraths hill at 7am, it was a chilly ride out but not much traffic, I filled up and waited for Pezz, he rocked up on the Rallye with a grin as wide as the harbour bridge


Well bugger me after putting another jumper on the rallye wouldn't start, a flat battery, seems like the electrics aren't sorted out yet, Pezz wasn't a happy boy !!!, oh well i guess when you buy a bike in bits there's always a few teething problems, Im sure he'll get it sorted soon.
Pezz organised a tow home and i headed off on my own. Lots of fog and mist all the way up bells rd and half way between bathurst and orange and did I mention it was freezing !!


It was a lot better when the sun burnt off the fog , out through orange to molong, turned off to Cumnock and finally hit the dirt to Baldry and Peak hill


It was in very good nick, brown tar really and not very exciting but the scenery was good

fuel, a mars bar and a red bull at peak hill and it was back on the dirt across to tullamore, this was a bit more like it, a bit of sand, a bit of gravel and a few corners, fun fun , fun and i couldn't be bothered stopping for photos. it's all tar from tullamore to Albert unlike whats on the map. got to the rabbit trap about 2pm and a few other riders had already arrived


Various bikes arrived during the arvo;

A brand spankers 1200 Adventure

Most people camped at the back of the pub and a few across the road



Adrew2's GS

Leglessone's rallye

Airheads and oilheads


Postman Pat's trannie, it must be the 1st time he's said he would turn up for a ride and actually did !!!


Leglessone's map roller on the rallye had an intersting route sheet !!

Gratuitous AT arty crap

Pezz rocked up in his 4WD, great to see you made it mate !!

Pezz and RTO the founder of the OAR email list

RTO usually rides a home built replica of gaston rahiers Dakar BMW, he just bought a KTM950 and was all smiles and kept mumbling about the switch at 6000rpm that makes the back wheel wobble, not used to the HP methinks
About 30 bikes in all turned up from various parts of NSW, Vic and Qld. The rabbit trap is a good pub and the publicans were very friendly, they have only been in the pub for a month and I think we spent enough to give them a kickstart in their new buisness venture

lots of chinwaging, putting names to faces, pouring over maps and of course drinking made for a good night





A couple of banana benders, Blue and photofast phil


it was T-bones allround for dinner, it was bit slow as they were cooking them all on a normal household grill but eventually everyone was fed.

Everyone was up early and packing


Sausages, bacon, eggs for brekkie and then it was on the road. I went home the same way and made it in time to see the 250GP and the MotoGP.

A great weekend, thanls for organising it Pezz, you'll be on the Rallye next time !!!

20-07-2006, 09:02 PM
Looks GREAT !!
What a place and what a mob.... :D
And super-pics again, thanks for sharing it !

10-09-2006, 10:49 PM
I recognise a couple of Vic Beemer riders there. Neville Borgelt for one :lol:
He rides a pretty distinctive GS with everything including the kitchen sink packed in somehow. :lol: He did 100,000k on a new GS in less than 18 months. :shock:

Good pictures. Looks like it was a good time.

11-09-2006, 12:57 PM
Postman Pat's trannie, it must be the 1st time he's said he would turn up for a ride and actually did !!!

were you sure it was really him? I never seen him and a rally goer in the same room together