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21-09-2006, 05:02 PM
fark me what a trip !!! :D :clap :freaky

I havent been down to the Island for the GP since 97, it never fits in with work, which is a constant source of irritation:cry . A couple of weeks ago I checked my diary and it was clear so I accosted my boss and said I needed 4 days off or I'd die, "I have to go to the GP" , "Whats wrong, not cancer ??" she asked with a concerned look, finally after a bit of crossed wires she worked out I meant Grand Prix not General Practicioner :lol3 , it was quite a funny moment, after a bit of haggling and me threatening to take 4 sickies anyway she said yes, woohoo, :wink: thanks boss. A quick phonecall to my mate, yep there was floorspace in the house they had rented, excellent. Now the bike, service the forks, new mitas E07's, clean the airfilter and I was ready for the 2500km round trip.


I rolled out of Sydney about 7am on thurs, I was on my own as my mates were leaving after work but i had the whole day off. 150km on the motorway to Marulan then finally onto the dirt through Bungonia, Sandy Point and Mayfield to Braidwood, excellent fast touring dirt, a bit of a pain though as i caught a convoy of 6 Army 4WD ambulances and ate some dust before i got past em.


Into Braidwood, some fuel for the bike and me and back on the road,south through Countegany and Kyeban to Nimmatabel and then the main drag to Bombala for lunch.

Bombala's a very bike friendly town

Lunch of Champions :rofl

Quite a few bikes in Bombala, all on the way to the GP


Most of them were heading down the Cann Valley hwy, not a bad road, big open sweepers but full of cops on GP weekend, I was heading down the Bonang hwy, 100km of magic twisty tar and 20km of dirt which keeps most of the sports riders away, I spent 15 minutes trying to convince one group to try the Bonang but they were dubious about the dirt and probably thought I was mad I was raving about the magic bonang so much.

South through Delegate, over the border into Victoria


And onto the magic Bonang hwy


Every time i ride the Bonang it blows me away, left right left right, roll on roll off roll on roll off for 100km, I hardly got into top gear !!. When you get the right rythm with the corners and the throttle it's magic. Those riders who pike the dirt are really missing something, the 20km of dirt is very good, more like brown tar.

half way down I came across a couple of intrepid squids

Flat back tyre and No repair kit, idiots. I had tubes and levers but not much use in a 190 tyre and I'd hate to try and break the bead with those little sidewalls. A few bikes came through, none of them had plug kits, Farkin hell they shouldn't be allowed on the road I dont mind helping people who have the right gear if they dont know how to use it but unprepared guys give me the shits. Finally a BMW 100GS rider comes along and he has a repair kit

it was funny watching the rider try and pump up the 190 with my little hand pump, about 4000 pumps i reckon, ha serves him right, wasted an hour and its back on the road, more right left right, roll on roll off roll on roll off and finally into orbost for a breather. The riders i'd talked to about the bonang arrived, they braved the dirt !!, they were full of thanks for getting em onto the magic Bonang

Unfortuneately it's onto the main hwy now, heading east for bairnsdale and Sale, keeping a wary eye out for the Hwy patrol WRX's that lurk in this neck of the woods.

Started to get dark around Sale,


A bit chilly but a nice night to be riding and I was feeling good so, full on dark as I pulled into Traralgon, fueled the bike and thought I'd stay O/N here, as I paid I asked the clerk, how long to get to Phillip Island, 1.45 hours, fark i might as well just keep going, a pie and a red bull and off into the dark. I rolled into Cowes on the Island at 8.30pm, 13.5 hours and 1100km from home, suprised myself with doing the whole trip in one day, it really didn't feel long, It's always easier to cover distance riding alone and a lot of the roads had been fun so i didn't notice the km amd hours pass.

Eventually, I found the rented house, BUGGER , no key in the letter box, fark, called my mate who booked the house, he was 800km behind me, they weren't expecting us till friday lunch, the eastate agent was closed . I called another mate who was already on the island and staying a km or 2 away and told him the story, "come and sleep on our floor, I'll just check it's alright" Now the guys he was with are cops and a bit odd and they said No, I wasn't to stressed about it, i had my sleeping bag but Rob was upset with his mates, Rob came and gave me a quilt and a pillow and i set myself up on the verandah of our house


I had a great night, though it took a few hours to get to sleep, I was pretty wired after the ride and felt like I could ride a few hundred more Km
Friday, mate I was so excited, caught up with rob and it was out to the track to watch practice, those 4 strokes are so loud, when a group of em pass together the whole earth shakes, amazing. I'd forgotten how amazing Phillip island is, it's an amazing track in a magic setting. There was a big crowd for friday, a close season, 2 Aussies and the last 1000 motoGP at the island certainly bought the people out




No piccies of bikes on the track, to hard with a poxy little digital buthere was some interesting stuff around the island








YZ 650F ???



Caught up with a few varadero riders, thought I'd show em a real Honda :D


The racing was great, very exciting with the wet weather bike changes




What more do you need ??. A good ride home

Monday and time 4 the 2 day run home to Sydney. 8am leave and a 100km tar transport then the fun stuff. A coffee at Mirboo nth then onto the Grand Ridge Rd

It's a great little dirt road that winds its way through the forest, narrow, tight, great scenery, grippy surface, just watch out for the log trucks :huh




Half of us headed up the Barry way and across McKillops bridge and the other half headed up the Bonang, an excellent ride either way, rolled into the Delegate Hotel about 5.30pm, an excellent day and a great little country pub


Tuesday ( today )back the same way, Nimmatabel, braidwood, Marulan. for the last 2 days we'd been leepfrogging a group of 6 1200GS's and a KTm 950, never riding on the road together but passing each other stopped, fianlly got a cahnce to see em on the road today, they went past us just as we were taking off on the dirt from Nimmatabel. I caught the 950 pretty easy, and could see the dust of the GS's I put my head down and tried to catch em,sliding all over the place really going loopy but eventually their dust faded, fuck they must be going i thought. I caught em at a road junction and we chatted while we waited for the others, they were quite interested in my Africa twin, one guy said I rode the factory bike in Egypt, I thought ah yes, pull the other one, I rode Eddie Orioli's NXR750 he said, yeah yeah yeah i thought, anyway after a bit more chatting I had to eat my nasty thoughts, turned out it was Allan Cunninghame who won the Austalian safari on a yam in 86 and rode Gagiva's, Guzzis and Kawasaki's in 9 other Safari's, the Dakr and the Pharoahs rally. We had a great chat about Dakars, Safari's and him T-boning the swedish bloke at 140kmh in the safari, turns he and his mates all ex A grade enduro riders now do some fast dirt touring, no wonder I couldn't keem in sight, my ego isn't to damaged haha......

Anyway an excellent weekend, cant wait till next year, I hope the planets align and i can go again

21-09-2006, 06:50 PM
I was heading down the Bonang hwy, 100km of magic twisty tar and 20km of dirt which keeps most of the sports riders away, I spent 15 minutes trying to convince one group to try the Bonang but they were dubious about the dirt and probably thought I was mad I was raving about the magic bonang so much.

I NEVER try to talk anyone into the Bonang...stuff 'em, i'll keep it to myself. And the sporties keep the cameras on the Cann River stretch...bewdy !! 8) 8)

very good, more like brown tar.
I've seen it brown, too... :lol: after heavy rain the daks are the first thing that turns brown on that downhill stretch :lol:

Caught up with a few varadero riders, thought I'd show em a real Honda :D
Yo, bunch of poofs, aren't they :lol: :lol:

Great story, smiles galore reading it...thanks !!
And then the pics...

21-09-2006, 08:43 PM
Greg.. A sentionial report as always

what's the tyres yyou are running on the beast?


21-09-2006, 09:07 PM
Greg.. A sentionial report as always

what's the tyres yyou are running on the beast?


Mitas E07's , excellent tyres, better than most universals on the dirt and still OK on the tar, centrestand down on the Bonang, a little slippy on wet tar but nothing really bad, about $270 a pair ( 130 x 17, 90 x 21)