View Full Version : Weekend ride with Andrew2 and gco0307

20-10-2006, 03:14 PM
The purpose of this ride was for Garry(gco0307) to get a long test ride in on a DL650

He wanted a mix of everything, and that is what he got.

The ride kicked off from the servo at South Nowra with Andrew meeting us there after Garry and myself picked up the Wee-strom.


We had a ring in but he didn't join the trip. The Wee-strom is a popular bike up this way. 2 more pulled into the servo while we were chatting

From there we headed for the Nerriga Rd which is under going roadworks in a transformation from dirt to tar :cry:


Some idiot on a 950 kept playing around


From there it was onto Nerriga for a refreshing drink and talk ourselves up. Garry was having a ball by this time. On leaving Nerriga I suggested that Andrew take the 950 for a spin.

I was impressed with the pegaso. I thought all big singles vibrated like my old 640 :D

Oallen Ford and time to discuss play time


Then it was time for a bit of fun








I wont mention that we could have gone the easy way.



I think this sums up how much fun play time was


From there it was back on a mix of tar and dirt to our lunch stop in the middle of nowhere for a $4 hamburger that went down very well. Then onto the Hume at Marulan for around 5kms before turning off for the run to Bundanoon and Exeter.

Then it was off down Meryla Rd and into the Meryla State Forest.




One last obstacle for the day in the form of this climb that is just out the back of Fitzroy Falls

Garry did really well on the strom


And Andrew even got the front elevated while making it look easy


Then I had a play for a few runs


Having a breather


A reminder not to ride behind a 908RR shod 950 in the dirt


From there Andrew set off back to Wollongong via Maquarie Pass while Garry and myself headed into Kangaroo Valley and through to Nowra.

Garry proved what a weapon the little strom is by completey disappearing up and over Cambawarra Mtn.

About 300-400kms for the day with the result of Garry being converted to Adventure bikes and picking up the Wee-strom in a few weeks.

Thanks to Andrew and Garry for a great days riding and the use of there awesome photos for this report

21-10-2006, 09:51 AM
Nice photos & ride. If your after another ride companion give us a call as I am keen to increase my off road experience on that sort of terrain. Certainly more civilized than your other report on picking up a dropped bike that looked like a fire trail in Kangaroo Valley somewhere.
If not we could get together for a roll up somewhere & talk bikes.
Your right about a lot of wee stroms around here. The local Suzuki dealer is selling a lot lately.
Dave DL1000

21-10-2006, 01:21 PM
Will do Dave. I am always keen for a ride

21-10-2006, 04:51 PM
Sounds like you've had a great day.
Thanks for the RR, good stuff !! :chug: :chug:
And ohhhh, a black Peg...the memories are just about to much :lol:
Your mate finishing up with buying the Wee-Strom was a foregone conclusion :lol: 8) 8) Another one sold.... :)

BTW, seen them advertised on BikePoint for $8613 plus O/R.
Yep...brandspankers 06 model.

24-10-2006, 09:02 PM
Great ride report wobbler

BTW, seen them advertised on BikePoint for $8613 plus O/R.
Yep...brandspankers 06 model.

Just checked 'em out. $9,990 ride away - very sharp prices.