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07-01-2007, 08:19 PM
!!! WE DELIVER !!!!


....ONLY sometimes...we don't :poo: :rofl: !


Hang in there for the full story of a 2000km Postie bash across the Snowies and Vic Alps....it was a CRACKER !!!!! :wave: :ommpa: :jump:

08-01-2007, 07:31 AM
OK, I'm waiting..... It's been 10 minutes... how long do we have to wait?!!

08-01-2007, 10:04 AM
OK, I'm waiting..... It's been 10 minutes... how long do we have to wait?!!

Union rules. They are on smoko until after luch then it will be too hot so nothing will happen until tomorrow unless it's a public holiday.

08-01-2007, 10:52 AM
* Drums fingers *

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Grey Gentry
08-01-2007, 08:25 PM

08-01-2007, 09:30 PM
A crowd puller, isn’t it??
The F4 Agusta…and the Hog Chrome-Boy…the blinged-to-gills R1, the Touratech 1200GS or lovely restored, glistening Ariel Square4,…..even the weird #051.

They all are…. UNTIL......

....a pair of touring-rigged posties shows up !!

It wasn’t intended that way, never thought about it…actually, it was thought just as a big laugh, but clocking about 2000km around the Snowies and Vic Alps has shown it loud and clear: EVERYONE LOVES the Postie !! :clap: :thumbs: :thumbs:

Not a photo-stop along the road when EVERY passing vehicle wanted to stop to check us out, oldies and kids, any ilk and colour…commenting, shouting, waving, GRINNING….even the local rice-boys stuck their fists out of the souped-up Datsun 120Y and gave the thumbs up….now…that would have to be the ultimate tick of approval, ay?? Fully sick, moite !!

:rofl: :rofl:

Days later people walk up just to say hello….and stumped to see us again, this time at the top of Hotham…or the Mt.Selwyn Skifields…or joining a main road after some hours of bush tracks.

Let’s do the quick-intro then: There’s the ‘Tanker”, the CT110 RR Adventure (because of its "race-dual-headlight" mask and the XR250 auxiliary-tank holding a whopping 9.7 litres of extra juice)….and the tiny electronic pushbike-Speedo!
Invaluable piece of equipment that….as it showed the time as well.

And there’s “the other one”, the bog standard CT110 Plain Jane. Leaking oil like a piece of rusted guttering….as it turned out. Not much, but constant. :shock:

Both with a butchered Ventura rack and a piece of exquisitely shaped 8mm Marine Plywood as a “stable-table”….
Michelangelo would’ve been proud of it. :wink:

Both in good mechanical shape, fresh brake shoes, oiled brake-cables, serviced freshly, a combo of whatever tyre Aussie Post could lay their hands on cheaply enough, all classy East-Asian Dubiellis or Schonkyunlops…,decidedly no Schmickelins here !!! 8)

The Longrange-tank is still back-flooding the OEM tank and making it overflow if the tap isn’t turned off in time, drenching the bike from the seat downwards…didn’t get around to more complex engineering on that one yet.
Kills the friggin ants, anyway…

All loaded onto the trailer which sprouts rusted out bottom seams along the sides and a single-hinged tailgate (the other one rusted out and fell off ages ago), but the squeaky springs can’t be heard when caging along above 80kmh with the windows down….at least the wheel bearings are freshly packed with grease and the electrics work…. most of the time.


With the bushfires lately and all that, we decided for the “Long Way Around”, and trailer it on the Hume past Albury and well into NSW for the turnoff to Tumut, then up the Snowy Mountain Hwy


past Blowering Dam (what a sorry sight) onto the High Plains to Adaminaby….as ‘base-camp” for some two-day loops.


The hailstorm 30km short of Kiandra came out of the black….black skies, that is.
The Alpine Caravan Park proved to be as vacant as we found most of the Snowies for that week…hey, this is prime holiday season, and there isn’t a soul around ?
Strange !!

Next morning… and the skies were as a chequered as on the previous afternoon…
Packed up with some tools and bare-minimum camping gear, we set off across the High Plains, the gravel roads towards Tharwa/ Canberra.
Finally...up and going...
:jump: :jump:

Adaminaby Backcountry...





The Murrumbidgee Bridge



Heading North-East into the Namadgi National Park




One more rail, and....





Still heading north-east





08-01-2007, 10:26 PM
ffaaaaaaaaaarrqqq that looks good

what is it with the postie? why is it so loved?

keep it up :)


09-01-2007, 12:13 AM
what is it with the postie? why is it so loved?
Beats me mate - I'm still trying to figure it out. :devil:

Nice ride Pete. You've inspired me to get the maps out and plan a trip. 8)

09-01-2007, 09:45 AM
ffaaaaaaaaaarrqqq that looks good

what is it with the postie? why is it so loved?

keep it up :)


No idea, mate....well....people just seem to love the thing, especially when they see it out on the open roads rather than the suburbs, and once loaded up with gear, it's a definite eyecatcher.
Folks just can't believe their eyes, seeing one of those spindly-legged things out there and the reaction is ....stumping!
Then imagine a late afternoon run down from Falls Creek to Mt. Beauty...black clouds hanging low, only giving shafts of sunlight dotted all over the slopes....and 2 posties screaming downhill, overtaking the local Tradie's ute and a few other cages along the inside lane through righthanders....eyes like dunny-seats, promise !! :lol: :lol: :lol:

09-01-2007, 10:08 AM
What a brilliant run into the bottom end of the ACT, a couple of GS's flew by...then it's off to the remains of the old Orroral Tracking Station, a leftover of NASA's involvement during the time of their early space flights.


Someone else is watching nowadays...plenty of the buggers everywhere.


We skip the road to Honeysuckle, another of the old Tracking sites...the bridge at Tharwa is closed, which is fine with us, we're by-passing Canberra to the West, anyway, Brindabella and Cotter Dam way...



Canberra's "Needle" (TV-tower) in the far back...


A bit of dirt, then some eerie twisties along the spine of a ridge into the barren, desolate landscape around Wee Jasper...the drought is aweful around here, the worst we'd see during our week.



Back onto the dirt, the going is quite good, direction Tumut....and something solid's brewing overhead.


How much fun can be had, when "waterproofing" the tent-roof with garbage bags during a gale...New Years Eve at Tumut.


While looking a bit dodgy still, it's off towards Tumbarumba....this time not via Batlow, but some cracker-roads through the pine plantations towards Rosewood before the tiny single-laner into town...






New Years Rodeo in Tumbarumba, the place is rockin'.


09-01-2007, 10:32 AM
Paddy's River Falls...the road's a broken-up single-laner and steep at the end.


A place we've often gone past with the start of the Elliott Way so close...




Screaming the Elliott downhill





The steep climb up from Tumut2 Powerstation was another scream....trying to keep the 110cc redlining in 2.gear 8) 8) ....that's a whopping 40kmh, folks :rofl:

Fuel transfer at Cabramurra, back-flooding one tank, while jiggling across into the other. Another spectacle that found the odd "admirer" :D



Talking with the oldtimer in the shop, he pointed out a little known dirt-road across the top to Mt. Selwyn.
Heavy drizzle hit as we tried to dodge the fist-sized rocks at the start of it....the views were clogged by low clouds and we were glad to "get it over and done with"...perhaps another day...top-gear-redline across the Tantangarra-ridge from Kiandra to base-camp at Adaminaby.

Visitors for the night....the Rotel "Pigeon-Transporter"


09-01-2007, 03:41 PM
Chequered skies for the tootle across to Jindabyne....the wind from the back blows us uphill to the Berridale turnoff,


shortly after we duck into the road to Buckenderra, which turn out to only be a holiday resort.
Just short of the place, the Wainui Rd. sounded distinctly Kiwi-style...enough to have a go at it, as the general direction points towards Eucumbene Dam....and what a bewdy of a road !!


And one for Marty :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:




Jumping the grid...



Did you see THAT??? BOTH hoops off the deck....YEEHAA !!!


WOT??? No pic? shite !!!...ah well, next one then...let's move..


More Wainui Rd.



Out the other end and Lake Eucumbene isn't far off



"Single-laner" to the lookout :wink:


Jindabyne was a quick refueling-stop for all involved, the National Park Ranger at the toll booth laughed her head off and let us through without fees...the stop at the little lake in Thredbo turned lengthy, due to more postie-enquiries by one of the council workers coming past on a WR250



Then the long climb up to Deadhorse Gap


...and some photo-goofing around up there.





Time to hit the Alpine Way proper....the pics will do the talking







Geehi Camp Area....and ready for the last leg into Khancoban





Scammels Lookout, late afternoon light bathing the hills



09-01-2007, 04:44 PM
Hey Pete,

Thanks for sharing...I'm really enjoying reading this. Sounds like you had a great time.

Did you stop at the Geehi camp area? I had a quick cool off in the water there before heading into Khancoban for the night. Vowed to return and camp there one day.

09-01-2007, 06:22 PM
Stopped at Geehi....but only for the refuel-procedure and a quick walk walk down to the river for a face-splash....never actually camped there.
Pretty vacant lot this time around, hardly any people around.
Good to hear you're enjoying the yarn....

09-01-2007, 08:06 PM
Great stuff :chug:

Glad someone's getting out of the comfort zone of bigger equals better

And here I was worrying about downsizing to a DRZ400 :lol:

Fantastic pics too 8)

09-01-2007, 09:44 PM
Great stuff :chug:

Glad someone's getting out of the comfort zone of bigger equals better

And here I was worrying about downsizing to a DRZ400 :lol:

Fantastic pics too 8)

No probs with little bikes here, they're a shitload of fun.
That week started off as a "don't really know, what we're gonna do" as the bushfires had sort of thrown our plans....then this sort of grew from a joke....but jeez, it was an invaluable lesson towards next year's start of the Posties-to-Cape-York-bash :wink:

10-01-2007, 08:33 AM
There's just no way around the "Switchyard Special" for brecky at the Khancoban store...it's a tradition not to be broken, big bike or postie, doesn't matter.
But we might as well front up with bikes ready packed....


A short, cruisy stretch along the valley floor....then the little postie groans at the sight of a 30km climb, the first of a batch of 3 towards Cabramurra.

Plenty of time this time around to not just blast through, but explore some many of the smaller tracks seemingly leading nowhere..... a whole leisurly morning of Alpine country MAGIC.


Where IS that extra gear, 4 ain't enough !


Along the road....









One of the many tracks off the main bitumen





Close to Cabramurra


Redline-cornering on a CT110.... :lol: :lol: :lol:



Across the top...



!!! WE DELIVER !!! :wink: 8)




Jiggle it, baby....refueling in the sticks


10-01-2007, 09:32 AM
After a short break it's off for another bite on that dirt road across from Cabramurra to Mt. Selwyn and the possible find of the old Cabramurra airstrip, used during the construction of the town.

Cabramurra Dam/ Water supply....




This time...views galore !!! :D


Amazing where stuff can grow...


Found the old airstrip !!!




Up at Mt. Selwyn


After a dry-roads-belting across the Tantangarra range (the little shitter tops at 95kmh, yeeha :lol: :lol: ) we're back at base camp in Adaminaby.


Great item for travelling, no pegs needed, $7 from K-Mart Travel Dept....also doubles as ocky-strap and emergency guy-rope, holding down the shopping bags on top of the tent through the downpour in Tumut a few days earlier.


A late stroll through Adaminaby...and an unexpected find of some Postie-kickstarter parts, Christ !!! :shock: :shock:
Yup, they're ours !!
The servo comes good with a new bolt and washer out of their box of bits, the bolt needs holding in though, to make sure it doesn't go walkabouts again 8)


The hire-shop seems to run by Northern Hemisphere seasons :lol: :lol:


....how many sheets of corrugated tin in one wall?
Local council works site....


All ready to rock for tomorrow...it's off to Victoria.... Mt. Beauty area for some more exploring....

Taking it easy on the way across and sussing out a couple of tiny byways to add to future rides, we checked in under the trees of the, by now boiling Tawonga Caravan Park, right on the river.

Didn’t really feel like riding after a few hours in the cage and the tent-setup….but scrambled late for a quick bash up to Falls Creek.

Through some eerie burned out areas and extremely sparse traffic, the top greeted us with a couple of low-hanging black-bellies and some sparse spittles of rain… no use hanging around when the downhill leg was beckoning…and what a scream that turned out to be. :rofl: :clap:


Aided by great visibility due to the sparse leaf-work after the long dry and the fires, the little 110s went for a lungful and gave it their ALL.

Being so light, they zip through corners anyway, but this was ridiculous, ....what a load of fun. Soon we caught the local tradies-ute, ladders on the rack and all, he didn’t make it hard…another ute a few corners later gave it a try…but gave up just when it was getting …hmmm…interesting, :lol: :lol: .... next was a Subaru that gave us a run for the money :evil: :lol: , but no match in the end…. a nice, sharpish righthander put that one home. :devil: :devil: :devil:
Last on the list was a Mazda3 just before town…game, set, righthander, done…wot, game finished? Bumma !! :shock: :shock: :D

What a hoot!!!! Yeahhhhh!
Just short of meltdown (or starting the next bushfire), the little screampots pulled into the servo…2 bikes, 3 tanks, $18…yup, enough leftover for some pub-grub. :thumbs: :thumbs:

Grey Gentry
10-01-2007, 02:30 PM
Cough..Gee seeing all these great pics..means that I won't have to ride these roads and see them for myself...cough.

10-01-2007, 04:26 PM
Hi Pete,

great story (but I need more time to translate :D ) - wonderful pictures! I've seen you had a nice tour!
Thank you!

Greatings from germany

10-01-2007, 05:06 PM
With the weather a bit on the shonky side --big, black clouds crowding the otherwise blue skies--we're going for day-rides, which also means, that we won't have to carry the camping gear.

Many haver been up the Tawonga Gap, but not like this, I bet.



Burning tyrees dropping onto the road have molten deep gouges out of the bitumen, now the traffic peels big gobs of grovel out of those scars



Not too badly affected was the Hotham road, pretty good actually, let's have a poke around ....









Through desrted Hotham Height and out the other end towards Dinner Plains, the bush is alive...




...and just before gitting Omeo, it's down the Cassilis Road towards Swifts Creek, as that part of the Omeo Hwy is as boring as batshit.



Swifts Creek Bakery comes up trumps on the egg 'n bacon rolls, as usual :thumbs: before it's back the same way through Omeo and north to the Blue Duck Inn/ Anglers Rest.
Once more, visibility is stunning due top the dry, time for another twisties-party, they're tight enough to make it a challenge even on the little bikes....again, no traffic at all.





Despite the "closed till 4.30" sign at the door of the Blue Duck, the publican quickly checked on us, huddled for shade under the big poplar tree, transferring fuel again...



Another short piece of Omeo Hwy twisties....


...then up the Bogong High Plains Road into the back of Falls Creek, 30-odd k's of dirt....which wasn't the problem, but the corrugation shook the fillings out. Still, beautiful country up there, even if bone-dry.

Let's enjoy it....impressions along the way.










Close to Falls Creek, the dam feeds the snow-making guns during winter


Along the last few k's before the bitumen...




Somehow there was no hurry this time....no downhill scream chasing cages back to Mt. Beauty.
The supermarket was still open, some tucker and a few ice-cold stubbies found their way back to the tent, feet up....the 2 little bikes closeby like pets... talking into the night....

10-01-2007, 09:02 PM
Cough..Gee seeing all these great pics..means that I won't have to ride these roads and see them for myself...cough.

:lol: Thanks :lol:

10-01-2007, 09:06 PM
Hi Pete,

great story (but I need more time to translate :D ) - wonderful pictures! I've seen you had a nice tour!
Thank you!

Greatings from germany

We've had a perler of a time (now...translate that one :lol: :P )
If it wouldn't have been for the bushfires and all the road closures, it would've been 2 weeks instead of one.

11-01-2007, 08:05 AM
"Just a half-day tootle---back early afternoon " ....taking it ewasy loading up the bikes and gear for the trip home tomorrow morning.

Ok then...

Many moons ago we'd done a road from MittaMitta to Tawong/ Mt. Beauty with the trusty Nissan 4WD, let's see if we can find the start of it from the Mt. Beauty side.
The guy at the servo mumbles something about Trappers Gap and lots of dirt/ bushfires/ wildlife and all that, but describes the "entry" from Tawonga....we'll give it a whirl.


...and it turns out to be quite a good track.




Lots of leaflitter though, which makes things pretty skittish sometimes....Ooooops :lol: :lol: :lol: Skittish alright, sideways in fact :lol:




I promised "WE DELIVER"....into the last wombat hole, if needed :lol: :lol: And yo, that was Yours Truly scuttling that postie :D

No harm done but most probably prevented worse, coming around a sharp righthander 2 bends down and....




And it's getting HOT...popping out the MittaMitta end of the road...time for a break, the sweat is starting to run.

No doubt what this place is... :lol:


As things took longer than planned, it's onto the Mitta Mitta back-road, right along the currently flooded Mitta Mitta River, following upstream to Eskdale, a beauty of a litle wiggler...








Not wanting the long way around through the Lockhard Gap and the dreaded Red Bank Road up the Kiewa, we'd found a tiny, wiggly line on an old Shell map the night before, leading across the range from Eskdale into the Kiewa Valley around Dederang.

Time for asking around in Eskdale to get some local info.
The pub sounds a logical choice :lol: ....and it's cool !!


"Oi, Geoff...here's a bloke for you, wants to go across the range to Dederang, you know every wombat-hole up there?!!"

Geoff looks trustworthy enough after his umpteenth beer that morning...
"to the end of the bitumen... Smyth Rd....T-intersection turn off right, right?...then a bit left, right?
2 cattlegrids, then turn off across the NEW grid and follow the road, get's you right over the top...."

Piece of cake, right...right? I'm riddled....but what the hell. right?

Off we go... to the end of the bitumen...there's a bit of dirt, a side-road to the right, then more bitumen ahead....where to now??
An rusty, clapped-out Commodore comes along, stops...the guy's a bad stutterer, conversation impossible, we might finish up in Afghanistan.....


A minute later a guy in thongs and T-shirt comes barrelling out of a Sahara dust-storm on a 250 Yammie, stops...."I'm not from here"
Ahhh, Christ !!
Thinking about timing, petrol, distances...we'll just turn into that side-road, a sign proclaims Smyth Rd., which was part of that clear-as-bells jumble in the pub... through some farming country, up a side-valley, across some cattle-grids, but no NEW grid, hmmmm.
The road finishes a few k's later at another grid and some fencing "Private Property, Keep out !!!".....and just to the right is a brandnew, galvanised-sparkling cattle grid....framed a couple of barely legible signs, one displaying "Dederang".
Got it !!



11-01-2007, 08:59 AM
A barely discernable track leads across a paddock, disappearing in the bush beyond...


a couple of young guys with a 4WD spraying blackberries are a welcome break to re-confirm the track....until they get into a discussion about the "upper" and 'lower" tracks, one with a very steep descent into the Kiewa valley, the other one with a "rough bit" up top.

"anyway...up on the ridge turn right, at the sign to the Winery turn left, downhill.... but there IS that rough bit, you know?"

!! Right!! Let's get out of here, I'm sick of this shit, let's just go and see what happens...
A little creek crossing with big, round rocks is the first challenge....no probs. At the split we stick to the left track, the "lower' one with the "rough bit".
The track deteriorates quickly, it's semi-overgrown, the green strip in the center hides all sorts of rocks and roots. It's getting rougher...and STEEPER!


Time for a break and a jiggler-session....and a good gulp of water.


It's rocky, rough and steep now, we're climbing towards the ridge.
2. gear dies in the arse, even first is struggling sometimes...this must be the "rough bit" the guys were talking about.
Right at the top, right??
It's getting even hotter, the scattered trees allowing quite a bit of sun through...
A short, steep stretch, then this:



:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Shiiit !!
No way !!! :evil:
I go in for 5 meters, the little thing bucking wildly, then 1. gear just dies, it's just too steep, the motor just quits and stalls. :roll: :roll:
Even a proper 250Mxer would have it's moments here...
Yup, THIS IS the "rough bit"....but for how long??
It only looks about 80-100meters....and they didn't mention anything else....???!!
Let's get to it then...bike back into 1., I'm pushing.....the little thing jumping, bucking, slipping and sliding uphill on those loose rocks, sometimes the bike goes quicker than I can follow, then I'm on my knees, back up and follow the handlebars, thanks God for the auto-clutch !!
After clearing the worst, half pushing and half getting dragged by the bike, I can hear myself going desperately for air, it's all black and stars in front of my eyes, rivers of sweat drenching everything....even the Draggins are soaked down to the knees, the kevlar like coarse sandpaper now.
One up, another to go.
This time Goodie tries to hold the rear of the tanker down to stop it from hopping around and stepping sideways all the time....it only works for a short stretch. Stopping is no option, both pusher and pushee would slide back down the hill, the bike has to be kept on th throttle....forward and upward the only way to make it work.

More blackness and stars....
300 easier meters in 1. gear and we're at a junction...and there's the sign to the winery and Kiewa Valley. Beatcha, ya BASTARD !!
The rest should be a walk in the park.....:chug: :chug:


11-01-2007, 11:06 AM
Time to strip starkers, we're BOILING....
A gulp at the water bottle....not much left.
Looking down the track we slowly start to take in how steep it is....
not rocky and really rough, but rutted, roots and rocks everywhere and....steep!!

The medical textbooks proclaim that 85% of the human body consists of water....I reckon they're full of shit!
Sticking around any longer, I'll prove it, too :lol: ...finishing up as a 5-minute wet-patch only in that heat...
The gloves take 2 mins to put on, they're soaked...does kevlar soak up water, too?.... the Draggins feel as heavy as lead...
We're in 2 minds about going down there, perhaps taking our chances on a return through the "rough bit" might be worth it ???

We haven't got enough water...
Let's go!
The helmet goes over like a drenched sponge...disgusting... it stinks like the gloves, too...


It proved a rough afternoon, partially manhandling the bikes downhill, the rest with feet-down, slipping and sliding sideways...engines turned off (going too slow for engine braking and that damn auto-clutch :) ), 4.8km in 2.5 hours, right along the top of the spine of the ridge...water was rationed to tiny sips.


In hindsight we should've perhaps turned back and take a punt on that "rough bit"....
A really interesting bit was this...not just a hell of a lot steeper than what it appears in the pic, but also with a 20deg slope towards the valley,
with both feet on the pegs there were a dozen near-offs in that short stretch alone :shock: :shock: :roll:


We nearly got off and kissed the ground when we finally got to the gate at the winery and the bottom of the valley....

Farkkkk, what a ride :rofl: :rofl: !!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say that the first servo, then supermarket and ultimately the pub made a fortune on us :lol: ....and that's the 2. time around that I could just about prove that "85% body- water" is a load of baloney. :wink:

There was just enough daylight left to load the bikes onto the trailer, the "half-day tootle" had blown-out somewhat :wink: :wink:

Lateron the black clouds broke and gave the place a decent soak, we couldn't care less...

!!! Delivered !!!

11-01-2007, 11:41 AM
What a blast of a trip!

I reckon the rehydration concerns were just a cover for the stopping for all those photos.

Nice report, Pete.

11-01-2007, 01:33 PM
I’ve decided that I don’t want a postie after all. I know what those roads are like. :shock: :shock:
Good report Pete. Hope the heart rate has returned to normal.
:clap: :clap:

11-01-2007, 01:44 PM
Thanks guys....yeah, some of it was a bit rough....but Christ, it's FUNNNNNN :lol: :lol:
Tony: dead on the $$, some of the shots came about simply because we HAD to stop :lol: (not a bad result for a week's ride, though :P :P )

11-01-2007, 02:17 PM
Just a quick add-on....
Traffic was sparse to absent, holiday crowds, particularly in the Snowies, were just about non-exist (and that during the 2. week after Xmas!!). It's hurting the local economy badly, from the accomodation places right down the line.

We stayed conciesly away from the bush-fire areas, but most roads were open. Closed at that stage was the Dargo High Plains Rd. Dargo-Mt. Hotham and some other roads towards Gippsland.
Many roads have copped damage from the fires, either by heavy vehicles or burning trees dropping onto the bitumen, melting feep scars into it, now the gravel comes out by the bucketfull.

Due top the long dry and the fires, visibility has increased a lot, many stretches are easier to ride, oncoming traffic can often be seen from quite a distance away.

BMW must be making profits hand over fist, the R12GS seems to have become the new bling-mobil , shitloads of them around.

Wildlife/ farm animals are a problem, the only moisture runs off road-surfaces into the trenches/ drainage ditches, the only source of "green stuff" for the critters...never seen that much wildlife/ cows/sheep/ goats along the roads as on this trip.

The oil-dripping postie eventually dropped that habit....after enough dirt the whole rear end was greasily caked in some brown/grey/whitish muck :lol: :lol:

Posties as Tourers?
Well....yeah...not bad at all, actually.
2000km of thrashing the little things pretty much constantly around redline produced some blown globes, a shonky kickstart-lever, some broken cable-ties around the Michelangelo-plywood-rack :lol:
and showed up that oil-leak, no other probs whatsoever. Thanks to Nev here for the tip on the Valve-saver additive to prevent the valves from sticking after prolonged stretches at top revs, the stuff seems to work brilliantly.
The butchered Ventura racks proved invaluable, the self-inflating mattress squeezed between seat and rack made the seat even more comfortable and supportive, no issues there with numb-bums or such after days of riding.

Another appreciated feature is the "handbrake" a small lever locking the front brake lever into the locked position, keeping it from rolling backwards on steep hill starts....
The fresh clutch plates and re-packing the clutch-springs with washers have cured the sometimes slipping clutches for good.

The little thing is amazingly capable, even on dirt....and there's no hesitation left to take it to Cape York next year, a good deal of trust has been built over the last week.
Apart from that....it's a shitload of fun...

11-01-2007, 06:05 PM
Stopped at Geehi....but only for the refuel-procedure and a quick walk walk down to the river for a face-splash....never actually camped there.
Pretty vacant lot this time around, hardly any people around.
Good to hear you're enjoying the yarn....

Pete this is all marvellous stuff with the antics/dirt/camping etc etc ...but...tell us how many parcels/letters/postal items did you actually deliver to all these far flung places???;))

Great read...Im sick with jealousy :box:

11-01-2007, 07:17 PM
...tell us how many parcels/letters/postal items did you actually deliver to all these far flung places???;))

Every friggin wombathole in the High Country got their mail !! :muahaha:

11-01-2007, 08:13 PM
And one for Marty :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


hmmmmm.... right back at ya!!
:upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rofl: :rofl:

this pic sums it up for me.... small trail to the top of the world go nowhere particular


Also this one, the postie, it gives you time to stop and smell the flowers


top work Pete :wave: :jump: :jump: :clap:


12-01-2007, 08:54 AM
hmmmmm.... right back at ya!!
:upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :upyrs: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rofl: :rofl:

:P :P :devil: :P :P :P

this pic sums it up for me.... small trail to the top of the world go nowhere particular

Yo....exactly how the place felt, too !! :thumbs:

13-01-2007, 07:13 PM
Thanks for the yarn and pics as for me, it is this type of adventure that epitomises what motorcycling is all about.

Some of those roads and tracks look like they would be a lot of fun to take the Strom through and this story has really given me some ideas so again, thanks for the great yarn


13-01-2007, 08:54 PM
Thanks for the yarn and pics as for me, it is this type of adventure that epitomises what motorcycling is all about.

Some of those roads and tracks look like they would be a lot of fun to take the Strom through and this story has really given me some ideas so again, thanks for the great yarn


ALL of those roads are a ripper...pretty much regardless of bike. The only stretch I wouldn't take the Strom would be that last stretch of the last day..."the rough bit"....and the following downhiller.
That really was 4WD stuff/ MX-country (and for someone who knows what they're doing, we really were lucky there to not come off).

14-12-2007, 08:16 PM
Hi Pete,
thanks for sending me these postie links of yours, great again. How fast are you two travelling with all that gear?
I will have to convince my son to do this type of trip over here in the west.
So you do this type of trip here and then go to Europe and get on big bikes to do the alps, I doubt I could handle the big bikes, only been riding 18 months tho!
Julian :-)

15-12-2007, 08:12 AM
Hi Pete,
thanks for sending me these postie links of yours, great again. How fast are you two travelling with all that gear?
I will have to convince my son to do this type of trip over here in the west.
So you do this type of trip here and then go to Europe and get on big bikes to do the alps, I doubt I could handle the big bikes, only been riding 18 months tho!
Julian :-)

Hi mate
On that trip we managed around the 35-40km/hr averaged...which includes the dirt/ loads of photostops, all the long hills.... 6hrs on the road came to around 200-250km.
Then we squandered time off the bike in between, walking short bits here and there.....an 8/9hr day came to about 230-300km give/ take a bit.
Not much less than what we'd do when on the bigger bikes.

We do all sorts of trips here, hit the search button and check the "out and about" section.

The posties are currently unregistered, but will get re-activated shortly to be readied for the Cape-York ride.

Usually we ride those bikes:

and this one's the next project:
(just for fun and the challenge of doing it, no idea what we'll do with the bike yet once it's finished)

Apart from that , we ride just about anything with 2 wheels, given the chance...