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16-02-2007, 07:27 PM
I had to get away, work had been ballistic, I was the only one working over the Xmas break, the bike hadn't been ridden in about 12 weeks and life was getting a little too hard.... I just needed some me time

it was 7:30am Thursday morning and the panniers wernt even packed, the battery had been on charge for the last 24hr and the full charge light still hadn't come on. I wanted to be out by 9am.......things are not looking good :(

9:30am everything packed and I'm outta here :woot: :wave:

headed down the boring Hwy towards Sorrento but this hill got in the way, I think they call it Arthur's Seat :D


it was the first time I could really test having the glider in wooden boxes plus the usual 5 days of food and clothing, a tent, sleepmat and chair on the back. Like usual the Strom took it in it's stride, the lean in was a little quicker and it wanted to fall into the corner but after a few it just felt natural.

Also heading up the hill caused me to miss the ferry, oh well I just had to go into town to get some fresh scallops and calamari.....oh life's hard :)

(waiting for the ferry)

I love the ferry ride, its slow but relaxing and as a person who hasn't spent much time on the water it still exciting in that little kid way (are we there yet?)

(off with his head)

(off for a 3her cruise..............mm mm movie star)

The Ferry stopped at the ever beautiful Queenscliff and then it was onto the short but boring stretch to the Great Ocean Road (GOR). For those of you that don't know the GOR its was once one of the best motorcycling roads in Australia until the they dropped the speed limit down to 80KMH and filled it full of tourist.... so I kept the speed down to ludicrous speed and promised to only overtake 3 cars at a time on the double white lines :devil:

(this is the view for most of the run down the first section of the GOR, and yes there is a heap of Slopes to soar)

It was a turn right just before Apollo Bay to the run upto Forrest, a magic road with no traffic, no cops and bends after bends after bends.

Its wasn't a long trip for my first nights stay in Camperdown. I soon set up camp under a beautiful Moreton Bay Fig tree take I am totally pissed I didn't get a photo of and then it was down to the slope to...well, slope :)

(just some random pics of Friday's flying)





off to the local golf club for dinner and to meet everyone, after dinner came a real treat, a comet decided to drop buy to keep us company for the night



The next morning brought a great sunny day with plenty of nothing much to do... first time in a long time. I decided to have a little ride around Camperdown to suss things out and to have a look at Mt Leura which is a great Dynamic Soaring (DS) site. DS is the art of flying on the backside of a slope doing loops between the clean air below the slope up into the windflow. This puts tremendous stress on the gliders and require way more skill I will have for a long time. The world record for DS is 485kmh from an unpowered 2.5mt wing span glider and all this doing loops only a few meters from the ground :shock: :shock:

Seeing Mt Leura doubles as a motor racing hill climb a few times a year I decided to set a few speed records myself :twisted:

(At the top of Mt Leura)


17-02-2007, 03:51 PM
dynamic soaring is amazing for those that don't know what it is check this out
I put the servos in my plane the other day i just need to connect the pushrods and i can go flying

18-02-2007, 09:09 PM
Nice one Marty !!!

I've not ridden the GOR but I did drive it once. Kinda feel like I've missed the boat a bit - wot with the new 80kph limit and Victoria's hyper active highway patrol. :cry:

If that sailplane was any bigger you could hop in. 8)

Great pic of the comet too. :D

19-02-2007, 07:31 PM
Ripper, mate !!! :D :chug:
Looks like you've had a ball despite the Strom-antics, Christ, you've had that thing LOADED up :shock: 8)

And your pics? Brilliant as usual !! :thumbs: :thumbs:

20-02-2007, 03:58 PM
Nice one Marty !!!

I've not ridden the GOR but I did drive it once. Kinda feel like I've missed the boat a bit - wot with the new 80kph limit and Victoria's hyper active highway patrol. :cry:

Blah, what a load of crap. Don't base your opinion on emotive bullshit spread by the oppressed masses. The bits of the GOR which have had their limit reduced to 80kph are the boring bits, or the bits that you can enjoy without doing much over 80kph anyway.... and as for the cops... another myth.

Go down there on a weekend and you might find them... you'll also find lots of busses, backpackers in mini-bagos, caravans, sightseerers in cars and other dickheads on motorbikes which are far more likely to spoil your day than a cop in a 4WD.

Go down there on a weekday and you have the road to yourself. Avoid all the touristy places (Anglesea to Lorne) and you'll have a thoroughly enjoyable day, and wonder what everyone else is bitching about. Stay off the A and B roads on the way there and back and you'll have a ripper ride and most probably won't see any cops or speed cameras.

20-02-2007, 05:10 PM
Thanks Nev. I'll make an effort to do GOR next time I'm visiting Mexico on the budgie. Maybe a midnight hyperblast under a full moon ? :devil: