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This is posted in another forum but their rather particular about their pic limit. So seeing as this is "For Tourers, by Tourers" thought I might add my 2 cents. :D

On 5th of January myself and a good friend headed north to see how far we could get. I had just shy of 3 weeks off and he had a month.My friends name is Leigh and we met in a backpackers in Toronto, Canada 2001. I was riding from east coast to west coast of Canada,
Leigh had no specific agenda.
We hung out in Toronto for 3 weeks till I finally found a XS100 83 Model with 17k on the clock, to cruise across Canada on, Leigh was on foot. Due to weather constraints with snow, there are tons of low milage bikes available in Canada,compared with here.
We toured and camped for a week together and discussed our ultimate biking adventures. Leigh like myself ,at that stage, had been riding about 15 years and was an avid motorcyclist. We agreed to ride Australia and the Himalayas together one day.

We always kept in contact, dropping each other an email every 3 months or so, “what cha up ta” etc, and had met up in 2003 on an island off the coast of Thailand. Leigh being an avid diver, was doing his P.A.D.I. divemasters licence, or "licence to f*ck tourists"as its sometimes called by divers I know in oz. Also being a tightass like myself, he had worked out that Ko tao, on east coast of Thailand, was the amoungst the cheapest spots to do this. I was meeting up with an ex, and the 2 just coincided location wise and time wise. So we hooked up on Ko Tao where we gave some scooters a total hiding. :muahaha: Then met again in London in Xmas 2005. For some time he had planned to drag his ass out to Oz, as we had planned around a campfire many moons ago in the forests of Algonquin national park, Canada. Finally around June last year, he had indicated that his home turf of London, had outworn its grey, drizzly, overpriced, unfriendly streets, and once again life circumstances were conspiring to make this long hatched plan of being a professional backpacking bum, come to fruition.

Finally our Oz tour was taking shape. He sent me over some cash and after many months searching I found a Yamaha XJ900 Diversion 2000 model with really low kilometers and at a bargain price. Glitch you got a squiz at it, one Sth bank coffee bit before xmas. Couple of dings and scratches but mechanically spot on. Most importantly every backpackers criteria, ie ”cheap” was fulfilled. Leigh was due in Oz January 4th, so I booked holidays, got both our bikes ready and on 5th January we headed North.

DAY 1-After mucho aplenty stuffing around, and a 3.5 hour ride in front of us to Bright, we finally left Melbourne around 4.30pm on Friday, Jan 5th. Carri(Carri27 in another life and forum) got sick of waiting for us to go and wanted to go visit Loz :moon: and his sore ass in Hospital, so she bailed and left us to our devices, not before a kiss for good luck and taking a Bon Voyage happy snap.


After riding through the evening and dusk, then into the dark for almost an hour, we made it to Bright around 9.30pm. This riding well into the sunset was to set the theme for the whole trip, becoming the norm rather than the exception. I'm not a huge fan of after dark riding, because of critters at night. But for both of us, our favourite riding time is around 6 till dusk. You chase your shadows & the light plays a fantastic kaleidoscope with the land, dancing in harmony with the terrain, revealing its myriad of ever shifting shades, shapes and hues.

DAY 2- As most of you know, riding doesn’t get much better than this terrain in the southern states, bar Tassie. From Bright we headed through winding mountain passes across to Mt Beauty, north to almost Albury, then you head east to Snowies and Tallangatta-Corryong way. Through Kosciuszko national park to Thredbo ski village where even in summer,everything is still overpriced and is a bit of a wank, but being an avid skier, like Glitch and a few others on this forum, it's kinda like a necessary evil :devil:
Both being cheap bahstads, we camped as much as possible, only staying in a Backpackers on the 1st night. We pitched our tents a few kms from Thredbo, on the road to Jindabyne. Again we rode to after dusk, where I just narrowly missed Bambi then Skippy, all in the space of 300 metres, rather than push our luck any further :poke: twas around then I think I said, “right here is a fine looking camp spot”. Below is the same spot 6 months earlier during winter.


And summer


DAY 3-After the usual 11am start, we rode through 2 hours of solid rain, across the high plains to Tumut. Great riding over the rooftop of Australia, but totally crap weather. From there it was a 70 plus kms of dirt road to Wee Jasper. Given the right camber, a few 40-50kmh powerslides on the dirt, fully loaded, can be enormous fun :thumbs:

Lost 3,this is lost 1,are you lost 2?

The road after straight after the bridge here was amasing, never ridden anything like it, if someone recalls the name, around Wee jasper, please let me know.



Just for a change we rode till well after dusk, riding to Goulburn and making camp around 10pm. A guy travelling with a KTM 640? on his triler who was coming back from North said it was lush green whole way due to heavy rains. He was spot on. All the while Im telling Leigh how we are in severe drought, he was like :looney:

DAY 4-Always pushing further north, and being a fond exponent of Sydney’s traffic :jerk: I tried to pick the easiest route around the burbs, up through Camden, Penrith & north to the superb Putty road(you lucky New South Welshman :woot: ) and Yengo national park. This is an EXCELLENT riding rode. Towards dusk we needed a place to crash for the night, so we ended up heading for Broke-no joke, its called Broke.
On the road to Broke,bit before town, there's some nice rock formations.
Heading for "Broke or bust" :roll:
It's in Hunter valley wine district. Beautiful area. We stopped for juice at the only servo we could find and then asked where the nearest pub was. They said they were it and they only sold takeaways, ironic seeing as we had just ridden passed a plethora of wineries. So we ended up with some takeaways and our first "real nights camping as the previous night in Goulburn,we got in so late it had to be a caravan park.


DAY 5-Our criteria for the route to take on any given day was always discussed over brekky. A quick look at the map and the most twisty road heading north, was the way to go, or if I had ridden it before and liked it, we did it, otherwise, suck it and see. I had ridden the coastal route few years back to Brisbane, so I wanted to try an alternative route as much as possible, as the Hume and Pacific hwy blows chunks

So from Broke it was on to Maitland, then north up to Gloucester and “The Thunderbolts way”. Around these parts are some wide open plains, where you can see oncoming cars from a kilometre+ away, allowing for speeds encroaching a tad over the limit, alledgedly around the 200kmh mark, or so Im told :whistle: . Unfortunately some people drive beyond their limits and Leigh thought this kinda sick joke was needed.
Somewhere around here, at a lovely lookout, we met about 10 old guys, mostly on serious $ Ducatis.


They went before us to “plough the road” & play the % game about avoiding P.C.Plod. Only problem when you sit at ludicrous speeds for sustained periods, something like a Bandit 1200, seriously sux juice like a high class hooker, and when you rock into country towns like Walcha after 7pm, there's no petrol station open. So from Walcha we headed east to the coast. I remembered driving this road, the Oxley Hwy in 2000 for an old job I had. I made an oath to ride it if I was ever up around these parts again. It snakes its way down to Port Macquarie, winding its way through lush forest. I heard it's even more fun when you have petrol :?

So around dusk, we passed the last known petrol station, and with about 3 kms left in the tank, we had to make camp in the hills in the forest till the morning, when the nearest petrol station a few kilometres away re-opened.

DAY 6-When you camp in the bush, you tend to wake up at a sparrow's fart. Funnily enough, as the saying goes, coz that’s when the sparrows and other birdlife wake up and start tweeting. But nothing much is open at 6am in the bush so you end up going back to slaufen till around 9ish. So after juicing up, then some breaky also feeding the local fat skink lizzards, we discussed the route for the day. We broke camp and headed for Port Macquarie arriving a bit after lunchtime. After a leisurely luncheon, It was a stinker of a day, so we went for a swim in one of P.M.’s delightfull beaches.


Some days you just cant be ass’d, so we took our time and ended up heading a little farther north to Kempsey and then as dusk was fast approaching, we headed to the coast for the night. It was around here we started encountering the weird phenonemum of the Seventh Day Adventist and Christian caravan parks,no offense to anyone here of these affiliations :lol:
These seem to line the northern NSW coast and are the last bastian of piety. If we got refused from 1 caravan park, :evil: we got refused from 5 :upyrs: Eventually at around 9pm, we rocked into a place called Grassy Head and rode straight into the park. The office being shut we thought no probs, we will pay in the morn, found a nice spot near the ocean and proceeded to unload.
Just then a 1 eyebrowed, slow drawling, knuckle dragging, slack jawed yokel :drool: park manager ambled on up and slurred something along the lines of ”what are you doing here,you can't camp here, we are full up, we have no spots” or translated :censored: F*CK OFF :!:
Leigh looked over at me as we exchanged a :? “this guys a tosser, can you talk to him or Im going to tear him a new one” look, then both simultaneously surveyed our surroundings, panorama style, in order to make a point, seeing as we were surrounded by about 37 different spots that we could pitch a tent in the immediate vicinity alone.
Having experienced roughly the same welcome reception at the 5 previous parks :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :upyrs: :evil: funnily enough mostly of a religious affiliation too, I had to go into diplomat mode, as we were both tired and by now it was dark and our patience was wearing rollie paper thin :box: . After several minutes of pacifying this guy, assuring him we were not the bikers from hell :devil: with our posse of ho’s waiting in the bushes with a keg, drugs to sell their children & our domestic dingo bezzlebub(a decendant of Azaria's 7th day adventist unfortunate events) waiting to steal your babies, he finally relented to his kind christian nature,saw the light :doh: realsied the error of his ways, and decided to let us stay.
Albeit he put us as far away from everyone as he could find, right next to the noisy entrance to the park, dust from the cars kicking up into our tents. We were treated kinda like the evil red headed heethen step child, diagnosed with leprocy, who had just farted at the church picnic. Basically we were made to feel as welcome as cancer.

We observed in casual conversation at the pub that night, why was it that every caravan park of a religious affiliation, :inquisition: always seemed to have the highest security, with locks on the gates & the toilets, and all non religious parks didn’t. Despite his bullshit, it was a really beautiful place, with a beach like Apollo Bay’s (for those in Vic) except the water being a few degrees warmer.

DAY 7-The next morning we went for a wake-up swim, came back and broke camp. Just as we were dismantling our mobile homes (tents), our one eyebrowed, slack jawed :drool: park manager mate, who was mowing the campgrounds only metres away from our tents, proceeded to then start chatting to us and mow around our tents, while covering all our worldly possessions in dust and cut grass, all the while being TOTALLY oblivious to this. He got dubbed Lawnmower man from hence forth, as Leigh came up to me and said in his cockney rhyming slang ”Lawnmower man here, is this guy taking the piss or what?”
Anyways we loaded up and bailed north on the snorefest Pacific Hwy to Coffs Harbour, while trying to avoid the 300 marked and plain police cars, the presence around here is ridiculous, so from there we went inland to Nana Glen and Grafton, then North on Hwy 91 to Lismore. From there no trip north would be complete without a visit to tripper town Nimbin.
This has changed majorly since I was there 13 years ago back in my younger and stoopider substance imbibing days, before I realsied it rots your brain. Now the place was full of, as Leigh and the English would say, “wide boys”. :box: The atmosphere here has an uneasy tension :help: like something's about to “go down.” So we sat around town for several hours because it was too hot to ride, getting offered weed about 50 times, and watched the endless stream of tourists rock into town and the local dealers tout for the clientele.
Weed is the national pastime in Nimbin. Dealing the herb here is so entrenched and their systems so evolved and advanced, you can probably pay for it with credit card, get frequent buyer points, and I'm sure if you're unemployed, you have your choice of dealer you can work for on the job screens at the nearest unemployment office in Lismore.
If you look in the bottom right hand corner in the car door, you can see the cartoon version of mwah, for the hippies you will remember "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" and my cartoon look alike, "Fat Freddy"



So after becoming enlightened to Nimbin’s ways, we waited till the day cooled off and headed over to Byron Bay, an hour and half away on the coast. We chilled here for a couple of days recouperating our sore butts somewhat and watched the endless spectacle that is backpacker mecca of Byron. Our next door neighbour campers ended up donating to us all their 5 day old camping gear, as they were due to fly out for UK in 2 days. 3x 3-man tents, 2x sleeping bags, 3x mattresses, &2x chairs.
We kept a tent each and hocked the rest to a pawnbroker in town for 50 bucks,Score! Making our chilled Byron experienced, a little more chilled 8)

Once a jolly swagman,only way to travel on a bike.
Leigh contemplates his existence,coming to no logical conclusions.
Home sweet home,Belongil caravan park,just out of Byron

DAY 10-After 2 days R&R in Byron, we had itchy feet and hit the road again. I rode to my best female friend's place on the outskirts of Brisbane and Leigh headed for Mt Tambourine for the night. After a whirlwind visit to Brisbane and not even a 24 hour stay, we left Brisbane and headed south to Warwick then around dusk to the entity that is Urbenville :flame:
A weird energy was prevalent in the air - one had images of people dressed in robes, in dark houses with blacked out windows, that required secret knocks to enter, and were sacrificing goats to unknown gods, in strange ceromonies :wave: to apease virgins :noob:
If Cletus lived in the twighlight zone and it was a real life town, Urbenville would be it. The surrounding hills were covered in lurid myst. You can just see in the background one of the many interesting-shaped mountains that enveloped and encircled the district, that one with the goat sacrificing shrowded in myst.

We rocked into town on dusk, nothing was open bar the pub, and that was emptier than a scottsman wallet. Due to the 'uneasyness' in the air that we both felt, we parked both bikes, directly out front of the pub. We walked into the bar and the publican, an old lady, walked straight around the back of us and immeadiately locked the doors. She then turned to us and said "better watch your bikes, there's some local dodgy types round these parts"no shit lady :!: , that's why we parked out the front in the 1st place, so we could see our bikes till you immediately shut the doors.
I swear I could hear "Hotel California" playing in my brain. We asked if there was any chance of getting some food to which she replied-nut,nuthin. Fair nuff we thought, their closing. So was going to be a liquid dinner :chug:
There was soooo many other quirky little things that happenend in that town, that I could almost do a report on it alone.

There was a defining screech that sounded like a cross between frogs and cicayders that did not stop. While waiting for the woman to collect some takeaways, Leigh went for a wander.Next door to the pub, a stray cat came up and as Leigh gave it a pat and it purred with glee. The closed front door of the shop he was in front of opened. The pussycato vamoused like a bat out of hell, seriously spooked, and he said an old guy just stood there and stared, didnt say a word, for ages, grunted, then slammed the door in his face :wow:


The landlord said we could crash out back of the pub, we basically wanted to get as much distance between us and the place as possible. So after a couple of take aways, we bailed in complete darkness, again looking for a campsite in the dark. On the ride to our unknown campsite from the pub, we soon entered a lush forest right on total darkness. Just as we are entering the start of the forest canopy, a lone rider on a BMW, passed us in the opposite direction. I thought he wasn't wearing a helmet, it was too dark to definitely see. Later I asked Leigh, he said he didnt even seem to have a head, he wasnt joking. Either way it was the middle of nowhere and he definitely didnt have a helmet on and was hiking.
We had to ride side by side at a snails pace for 30km, because it was that dark, we couldnt see enough with 1 bike headlight. I have seen some bush before but this was jungle and it was the most alive we where to experience the whole trip. Some strange noises woud come out of the forest when we stopped once or twice to suss a camp spot.

Just before we finally got through the forest, I narrowly avoided running over a roughly 1.5 metre long python, owing to the bad light, seeing its markings only just before I noticed it was a moving stick and managing to swerve. I stopped asap and turned around to try and warn Leigh, who promptly rolled right over the top of him and didnt even realise. We made it to a place called Old Bonalbo and set up in the dark as per usual.We had a late night beer at camp to toast our health and escaping unscathed after our freak encounters in Urbenville.
We are alive!
Strange dayz. For future reference,we decided to be wary of any place with "Ville" at the end of its title.

More later,its beddy bye time

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Welll, this is a bloody good read. Glad you made it out of Nimbin - not everybody does.
Looking forward to another installment from you two silly buggers. :D

19-02-2007, 08:01 PM
The road after straight after the bridge here was amasing, never ridden anything like it, if someone recalls the name, around Wee jasper, please let me know.


Hi Ken
:D :D :thumbs: :thumbs: Was hoping for this to show up here !! :chug: :thumbs: :thumbs:

That's the Wee Jasper bridge....you mean theroad climbinmg out direction Yass/ Canberra?
AFAIK, no "special" name for that one, but isn't it weird?
Snaking up those bare hills, not even a bush or rock around, just bare earth, and the road wiggling it's way across those naked ridges....it's weird.

Thanks for posting it....and don't the (great) extra pics make a difference to the yarn :shock: :shock: :lol: , whew !! :D , great stuff ! :D

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DAY-11 After waking up half expecting to find out the front of the tent a tooth or a skinned rabbit-Blair witch style, I was slightly relieved to find all my limbs intact, after some really incredibly loud crunching footsteps :? next to the tent at god knows what hour. Turns out we were next to a paddock and it was a cow about 2 metre’s away. We laughed while reminiscing, whilst also letting out a collective sigh of relief at our fortunes to survive unscathed the freakshow of the previous nights events.
We both have been blessed to follow pretty lucky paths in life, :thumbs: and its at times like these, you need to say a thankyou prayer to your god for seeing you through safely on 2 wheels so far. Both subscibing to the Buddhist view, we said our thanks. I do this pretty much every time I jump on my bike, and then again at the end of every days ride. As I was saying along the lines to Loz, who was originally earmarked to come for a few days" Well Its worked so far for the last 20 years and I keep getting back home safe, so if it aint broke-like your ass Loz-then dont fix it." :wink:
But enough preaching, I will leave that for the wiser individuals.

We loaded up and rolled into the days adventure. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE road trips and if this one if it finished now, with about 4000km behind us, would have left me satisfied. We stuffed around on a quiet section of road, and took some photos while riding. This is a lot harder than it sounds.
Oi,wot you lookin at gov?
2 tents touring
Rollin on
You try taking a shot backwards,while riding,1 hand on the accelerator and 1 on the shutter :? it aint easy


We decided to take stock and breathe, tukit easy :boring: and smell the roses, not push our luck, and ride for a relatively small k day, basically just heading for the coast and Pacific Hwy. We would keep pushing south, take any roads that were detours and snaked the coastline, to break the monotony of the 100kmh down in parts to 50kmh drawl of the Pacific. Whoever designed a MAJOR hwy with 50kmh going through suburbia is an eejut in my opinion :looney: .There are times were you have heavy traffic rocking through towns, creating major bottle necks, seeing as Pacific hwy is the only major coastal route.

Even though we did bugger all k’s, we still managed to ride till after dusk, narrowly missing a couple roo’s again. We ended up in Wooli for the night, a nice spot by the coast, chatted shite with the locals and got pissed in the pub :scull:

DAY 12-After the bacon and egg brekky brunch hangover cure, we followed the coast again, rolling through some beautiful spots like Tuncurry, Forster for lunch, and the serenity of Pacific Palms. This is an amasingly pretty spot around here.

Couple of local baby carriers

Only down part was the road through here is bollox, endless potholes and cracked tarmac. Large basketball bulges in the road. Then at low speed under certain road camber, if I dialed up the power on the Bandit, the front end would start to go into a uncontrollable tank slapper :? due to front tyre wear and heavy rear load I was hauling.
After the 4th episode of this, I decided I aint going to try to make it back to Melbourne on this front tyre, stop playing with my life, stop being a tightass, and buy a front tyre. We made it to “The Entrance” just north of Gosford around 8ish, we contemplated the hour or so run to Sydney then opted to start looking for a home for the night. We spent the better part of the next 2 hours either avoiding what Leigh dubbed”the mobile shanty towns” were they packed em in like sardines, in so called caravan parks.

In the half decent parks, it seemed our “lawnmower man” mate encountered earlier, had put out on the grapevine an A.P.B.(all parks bulletein-maybe "all pious biggotts"-I could go on here :blah: but you get the drift) and had told all his van park manager buddies to refuse entry to any loosly fitting our description with Vic licence plates. Seeing as we now were getting refused entry to what was our 3rd park, at 10pm, under the guise of ”sorry, we are full”. :poo: Kinda funny, seeing as Alexander the greats mobile Army and support mobile city of 20000, could have had enough room to camp, and still fitted a few straglers.
So we ended up pitching a tent between 2 annexes in a “exclusive” 50 van capacity park, as nowhere else would have us, and I had to beg for that and butter up the old lady manager for 20 minutes. Caravan parks in Sydney around the burbs are like Caravan parks in Melbournes burbs, low income earners,lots of drugs and alcohol issues, and not the picturesque postcard perfect images I have from my childhood camping with my parents :oops:

DAY 13- We started out usual 11am ish and rode to Gosford, were I proceeded to search for the nearest bike shop and Leigh the internet. The good people of Central coast motorcycles fitted me with a new front Metzler ME 33 tyre, same as I was already running on there. Oldie but a goody :thumbs: run them for years, extinct now and was lucky to get 1 for cheap as was old stock.
Never-ever had one let go on me and they stick like sunburn to this icons bum :moon: All this took to the better part of 2pm to finally get rolling :gw: and we hadn’t even got through Sydney, which I wanted to avoid, as it’s a navigation nightmare for us stooopid southerners :stupid: let alone the locals. I know Sydney siders who get reguarly lost. Coupled with the fact it was also a stinking hot day, meant avoiding traffic if at all possible. I heard we just missed a big bushfire around there next day.

So we opted to head for wiseman’s ferry. Straight after turning of the hwy, we decided on a quick detour via “The Australia Zoo”, to show my pommie mate some of the local inhabitants, up close and personal and other than roadkill.
Couple of hours of playing tourist complete with happy snaps, then onwards to wisemans ferry.

You NSW peoples got some nice riding there and good views.
This is were Leigh coined our “to intents tour”. As we got off the ferry and stuffed around with our loads, in one of the cars waiting to load the ferry, a woman was yelling at her husband :angry: in rolled up window aircon comfort, as we swelted outside. “Those 2 look intense” he says”hey that’s us, 2 in tents tour”, as he looked at our gearsacks carry 2 tents. From then on, it stuck.


Some great riding in and around the ferry was to be had. We detoured our way around the outskirts of Sydney, as much as possible, kept moving south, took a wrong turn for an hour, then eneded up rocking into Bowral around 9pm. We had as many beers as would bring us to our legal limit :chug: grabbed some travelers for ron, then under the bouncers :box: directions, headed for the nearest Caravan park a short hop skip and stagger away.
Little did we realise before we made camp, seeing as per usual it was dark and couldnt survey our surrounds, the 4 lane highway was literally 15 feet from our heads in the tents, then next to that was a big chunky diesel railway that ran all night, giving us a sound 4 hours kip. :boring:

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Great read and pics, Ken!


20-02-2007, 08:14 PM
The road after straight after the bridge here was amasing, never ridden anything like it, if someone recalls the name, around Wee jasper, please let me know.

Hi Ken
:D :D :thumbs: :thumbs: Was hoping for this to show up here !! :chug: :thumbs: :thumbs:

That's the Wee Jasper bridge....you mean theroad climbinmg out direction Yass/ Canberra?
AFAIK, no "special" name for that one, but isn't it weird?
Snaking up those bare hills, not even a bush or rock around, just bare earth, and the road wiggling it's way across those naked ridges....it's weird.

Thanks for posting it....and don't the (great) extra pics make a difference to the yarn :shock: :shock: :lol: , whew !! :D , great stuff ! :D

Yeah thats the one Pete. Road out of here was dogs bollox,far enough out so there was limited chance of the law to take interest in this backwater and seriously fun road. First section after the bridge was twisty like a race track but seriously good fun, then it opened up like "Thunderbolts way" and around Nowendoc and again were you can see oncoming cars of the blue and red pretty flashing light variety for a big fat healthy safety margin and "alledgedly" I here you can travel in sections of this road at speeds of around 150 to 200kmh, alledgedly :wink: :muahaha:

20-02-2007, 09:12 PM
DAY 14-We bailed from Bowral after our alledged nights slumber :? and headed for Goulburn, then south to "Doughboy". Kinda like what Homer would say to Bart :roll: then east to the coast and the magnificent riding of the Kings Hwy and through Clyde river national park.
Amasing ancient ferns and fauna unlike anywhere I have seen south and for my money pretty much the best road for the whole trip, well a toss up between road from Wee Jasper bridge and here.
Fast-long-smooth sweepers, through beautiful open forest leading down to Batemans Bay for Lunch. Absolutely superb riding territory on this short stretch thats almost worth riding from Melbourne to just ride this.

Undulating hills with a smooth as silk road and excellent cambers that flow like a roller coasters rails,coupled with the amasing terrain of these ancient ferns, that date back to prehistoric times is what does it for mwah here. Anyones who has ridden through here will know what I mean. :clap: Unfortunately I did again, what I usually do and learnt not to do ages ago :bang: which is when you see the shot worth taking :photo: take it :!: because down the road its in all probabilty no better and more often than not, you just cant be assed :butt: going back for the shot.
You can just see the ferns in background, and Leigh taking a piss

Heres a big boy

We rolled passed lovely beaches, snaking the coast and avoiding inland whenever we could(looks like Leigh taking a wizz in the bushes there) We even had a C-130 Hercules transport take off within 500 metres of us, running parallel to the Hwy. We had a drag that lasted all of 20 seconds, fun but. After all, he had 4 engine's to our 1 :D
Lovely scenery around Bermagui and Tathra, then rolling it at dusk to the aptly named Eden. Love this place. With a view like this from your balcony, who could complain.

Harbour Views.All for 13 bucks a night :D

We got hammered as was ridable in the Eden pub that night, :chug: seeing it was our last night of the trip together, while chatting shite to Austrian and Dutch backpackers smoking spliffs and then paid a lazy 56 bucks :shock: for a large pizza and 8 Beez Neez beers to drink back at the caravan park. Man what a jip.

DAY 15- I awoke to my final days ride, and to a lovely txt message from Carri looking foward to being back together that night :dance: for the first time in 2 weeks. After a quick ball shrinking :wow: wakeup hangover :bang: cure, dip in the spanner water ocean, then our usual bacon and eggs leisurely brunch, more going on lunch, I left Leigh, who had at least another week and was going to explore Wilson Promentary, and headed straight for home. He met freddo and few other locals down there.

Unless you cut north and go up through the high plains and Great Alpine road over Mt Hotham, apart from Eden to Lakes Entrance, this road back to Melbourne is basically as boring as Melb-Syd on the Hume Hwy, like a christian Neddy Flanders, straight, all the way :devil: snnnnnnzzzz, serious snorefest. Although many years ago I do believe I found a perfect corner around these parts, about 20-30 km's from Mallacouta. I recall enjoying it soooo much :thumbs: I went back and forth doing it 6-7 times.

But something about me and Mallacouta and the weather do not agree, seeing as last 3 out of 4 times I have been through those parts, It's rained pretty much whole way back to Melbourne. The last 20km of the south eastern was the usual carpark bumper to bumper traffic jam, :doh: just to remind me Im back in the city. But I made it home alive and in 1 piece around 7pm and duely thanked the motorcycling gods for seeing me home safely.Neither bike missed a beat and since then,Leigh has gone on to ride Indonesia and I bought the Diversion off him for a good price we were both happy with :D
We did about 6500km and 15 days, so I realised. We plan to ride the Himilayas next. But thats another post :wink:
This was the most comfortable I have ever done a long distance haul, and Ive done a few. I put it down to 2 differences which I can thoroughly recommend.
1-A camelback where I was constantly rehydrating-especially seeing as at that time of year, we were constantly suffering sweaty balls syndrome. 1st time Ive used 1 riding on a tour.
2-A good quality back protector, which seemed to help the kidneys and inards jiggling around.


Safe riding peoples

20-02-2007, 09:15 PM
Tremendous tale and pics

Enjoyed it all - especially Lawnmower Man :lol: :lol:

20-02-2007, 10:27 PM
That's the Wee Jasper bridge....you mean theroad climbinmg out direction Yass/ Canberra?
AFAIK, no "special" name for that one, but isn't it weird?
Snaking up those bare hills, not even a bush or rock around, just bare earth, and the road wiggling it's way across those naked ridges....it's weird.

The road snaking up those bare hills... probably need a paintshop expert to fix up the lighting to show the road up more though..http://www.thisstupidurl.com/2006/SR500Rally2006/slides/IMG_7531.JPG

21-02-2007, 09:35 AM
hows this?


blame Smee

21-02-2007, 09:53 AM
You guys have waaaaay to much time on your hands. But yeah, thats the road, god it was fun, we both had a ball :chug: Kinda like New Zealand roads, without the sheep,bro :lol:

21-02-2007, 10:00 AM
Choice !