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03-04-2007, 07:21 PM
This is the story of the Cappucino sippers. :D

Sunday morning dawned at my house with a regular smattering of rain drops hitting the roof and cloud swirling around the windows. My thoughts shifted away from "time to ride" to "where the bloody hell are my waterproof overpants?".
Just after 9 I left to make my way to the Tastee.Az to see if anybody else was going to turn only to find when I got there that not only was the weather better at the bottom of the hill but two people had beaten me, well before the scheduled 9.30 meeting time. By shortly after 9.30 we had 5 Stroms and a DR650 all parked out front and after waiting what seemed an eternity for a procession of Postie bikes to pass we departed right on 10.

(The Vulcan belongs to the cafe owner)

A quick trip around through Boronia (where I did notice in my mirrors EVERY head behind me swivel left as we passed a well endowed female jogger) then up the Basin -Olinda Road for our first 6km of dirt for the day. Unfortunately the Shire had graded the road since last Sunday so most of the stutter bumps had gone leaving the nice slippery underneath layer. Ian on the DR and I had fun but I think some of the other more road oriented riders were not quite sure at this stage.

From Olinda it was a short ride around to the top of Mount Dandenong for our first "Mountain" of the day.

(Normally you would see Mount Macedon some 80 kms away in this view)

So we didn't get a view there but we scared off some Harley riders!

Off to Kalorama then down Barbers Road for another 4 km of dirt, out past Silvan dam, down Parkers Road, through Yellingbo and Worri Yallock up to Badgers Creek then on to the Mt Donna Buang Road for 10 more kms of dirt fun.

On the way we stopped at the Hang glider launching ramp.

and I think Expatkid was getting rather homesick and contemplating flying home without paying any fares or collecting frequent flyer points.

From the launching ramp it was a quick trip around and up to to the Donna Buang summit where our friend Stromaddict did his best to convince a Triumph Sprint and a Hyosung owner that they should immediately ride to the nearest Suzuki shop and trade their bikes on Stroms.

Our second Mountain top, three stretches of dirt and it wasn't even lunch time!

After a quick trip down the hill to Warburton where we stopped at a deserted Warburton Bakery for some real Australian health food (pies, sausage rolls and coffee).

No sooner had we sat down in the sun for a quiet chat when the place started to become a magnet for some obscure Italian brand of bike whose owners flocked in to find out what a real V Twin was like to own and ride.

After lunch we headed for the real fun of a 50km dirt ride south through the Yarra Forest from Big Pats Creek to Noojee. Despite my repeated polite requests not one of the Ducati riders was willing to join us. Snobs! :D

We made Starling Gap without any navigational issues at all.

Count the farkles.
(Whatever number you come up with you will be wrong, he will have added some more by now)

By this stage in the day we had scenery and the weather had improved to the point of perfection. We were also about 5km north of where we should have been on a completely different road but nobody noticed and why would you care anyway?


From here it was downhill all the way to Noojee at a rather pleasant medium / fast clip. I spent some time wondering about the real narrow bike tracks in the dirt we saw a couple of times. I guess the Postie bikes got to those sections of road before we did.

The rest of the trip passed reasonably uneventfully from Noojee it was a quick road leg back to Yarra Junction, then to Lilydale via the highway and everybody headed their separate ways to home.

I arrived home just on 5 pm after 8 hours and 247kms of great fun. Some of the others clocked up a 350km day by the time they hit their garages.

I guess it's a shame we didn't actually meet up with the Posties in the forest. That would have been interesting. :D

04-04-2007, 04:44 PM
I guess it's a shame we didn't actually meet up with the Posties in the forest. That would have been interesting. :D

Sounds like you've had a great day out there...the weather certainly made it easy.
As things usually go, I'm sure the posties would've been only a few minutes or couple of 100meters away at some stage :D