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18-11-2007, 08:27 PM
There is an advantage to having a friend who not only owns a Skorpion but is also a member of the BMW Touring Club NSW. He invites you along on their rides. Thank you Bruce. Todayís ride was to The Dome which is between The Oaks and Oakdale for lunch.

You may have read the report I did on the last BM ride I went on. The one the MuZs out numbers the BMs (http://rossmz.blogspot.com/2007/09/when-is-bmw-club-run-muz-run.html). Not today. They turned the tables on us. Of the 10 bikes on the run. There were 2 MuZs, a Kwaka Ninja and the 7 BMs. It was great to see 30 year or more old R75s out with a K100Rs, a very modified R100, some later model GSís and one very nice and new R1200ST.



We all meet up at the Caltex on the M4 at Blacktown. Wendy came along on this ride. After a quick meet and greet, Bruce led us off. Heading west along the M4 we soon turned left onto Mulgoa Rd. Old man out for a Sunday drive held us up for wee bit. It was an 80km zone and he was just doing 60. He had the good sense to pull over and let us all past. The views along this route are good when you look off to the right and see the Blue Mountains in the not too distance. Look to the left and you see the heat and smog haze of Sydney. Roads are a bit rough with some not nice potholes. We both yelled in pain when we went into one. Just love NSW jackhammer roads. At least the corners made up for this. The again Wendy will tell you that a good ride for the pillion is good views and nice knick-knack shops to stop at. :-)



Soon we arrived at The DOME. I laughed when I saw it. As you will see by the photo. Bruce had told us what it looked like. Boy did it stand out amongst the Aussie bushland. It is a mix of petrol station, take away food shop and $2 dollar shop. As it was lunch time some ordered hamburgers from the take away shop. As we sat around the tables outside and the hamburgers were opened a swarm of flies descended upon as. No sooner had the hamburgers been eaten that the flies disappeared. They must be trained to attack only when a hamburger is about. Besides the fliss it was good to sit around and chat with new people and enjoy their company.




After lunch some went their own way home. Some of us went up to Burragorang Lookout. This over looks Burragorang Valley that was flooded to create Warragamba Dam. All the people living in the valley were relocated. The village in the valley was left standing when they flooded the valley. As we are in a very serve drought you can see this by how low the water level is. Really hammers home why we have such strict water restrictions.

Wendy and I had to leave and head for home. We travelled back via Picton, Camden, Leppington and Liverpool. It was far hotter the closer we got to home. Picton was like an oven.

When we got home Wendy was not doing too well. Her backside was dead. Her legs cramped. Looks like we will have to get that AirHawk blow up seat for her sooner than later. Then I can do Whoopee cushion jokes.

Seriously though, the rear seat on the Traveller is very cramped with the panniers on. But without them we canít carry half the stuff we do. Wendy did not have this problem last Sunday on River Road but then we stopped a lot to take photos so she got to stretch her legs. This is in no way a put down on todayís ride. If we did not have to get home as soon as we did we would have stopped at a few different places and she could have stretched her legs. But one of the kids had to be somewhere at a certain time.

To Bruce and the NSW BMW people. Thank you. We both had a great time with you all. :D

The bikes that were on this ride...











23-11-2007, 10:05 PM
Nice report mate, that photo with the water is a cracker !

On a side note, I notice your hosting is wargamer.com ?

You play ? bit of a wargamer myself :)

24-11-2007, 06:54 AM
Nice report mate, that photo with the water is a cracker !

On a side note, I notice your hosting is wargamer.com ?

You play ? bit of a wargamer myself :)

I used to work in the PC wargame industry up until March this year. Graphic artist, sounds and project management. I have alos been a tester for a few different games over the years..

This is my wargamming site http://www.wargamer.com/Hosted/CloseCombatFuture/index.htm not that much has been done with it of late. I don't play any more. No time.

The photo with the water in it is a very sobering one as I had been to that lookout 10 years ago and the lake was very full back then.