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15-01-2008, 12:49 PM
On the Dec 27th I embarked on my longest journey to date, spending a total of 13 days sweeping my way around NSW & VIC while covering over 4000k in the process. The route included freeways, highways, backroads, dirtroads, long hot straights and seemingly endless twisties. I managed to stick fairly closely to my intended route but it was by no means a tour on rails, with each day bringing new options to be considered and decisions to be made. I stayed in motels, hotels, cabins and campsites, ate from bakeries, bars, bistros and bags.

I will post a day or two at a time until the report is completed, so here we go !

Day 1 - Sydney to Yass via the freeway * Yass to Tumbarumba via Wee Jasper, Tumut & Batlow - 500k

Day 2 - Tumbarumba to Tintildra via Cabramurra & Khancoban * Tintaldra to Tallangatta via Murray River Rd & Granya Gap - 300k

Im going to use the google maps "terrain" feature as much of the trip was high country, a good thing considering the heat over new years :)

Day 1

The decision to camp & cook part of the time unfortunately more than doubles my luggage but sometimes camping can be pure bliss

My first reasonable picture opportunity since leaving Sydney is found just beyond Yass after leaving the freeway and beginning my trip in earnest as I head towards Wee Jasper

Yass to Tumut via Wee Jasper is one of the many rides listed in the Australian Motorcycle Atlas. I managed to work about 10 of these rides into my route

The section between Yass and Wee Jasper is mostly tar and Im glad to be leaving the rain of Sydney behind me before I hit the dirt sections

As I recall most of the dirt was after Wee Jasper, not before it. This must have been a small section

This looks gloomy but things clear up the further I move away from Sydney. In the coming days the weather man starts punching out some 35+ degree days, even hitting 41 as I arrive in Melbourne

At's Wee Jasper right enough lad !



After about 35k you actually get the option of sealed or unsealed


The sky clears as I head towards Tumut

At this point I had already done about 400k for the day on two coffees and a McMuffin. I took the soft option and headed down the sealed road towards Tumut


I stopped for a moment to ponder the two weeks ahead of me, who would I meet ? what would I see ?

One of the last stretches before Tumut. I eyed a lovely looking tourist park in Tumut with loads of shade and ear marked it for investigation next time I happen by, but today my target is Tumbarumba, another 70k south.

I met my first travellers in Tumut, just down this road. A couple of lads from Holland, you know the type, blonde haired, blue eyed, athletic adonises. Lucky bastards ! $^#$^^

I tried to capture this hill in the background. It caught my eye for some reason but unfortunately 2 dimensions diminishes it somewhat.


With no hurricane or storm warning present I guess this was a bush fire but I must have been too far away to smell the smoke

I was not content with my good quality, proven, wedge tent. It was just slightly too small for comfort. Unable to upgrade to the tents I wanted due to availability I purchased a $50 Jindabyne which promptly broke a pole after the first night. In hind sight, hanging 2L of water inside the cheaparse tent may have had something to do with it.

The trangia cooker has not let me down tho, far from it. The BonCarno food products are also good if a little weighty. 15 minutes in hot water and youre ready to eat. They cook while sealed and can be resealed after you eat the contents, both good features that help keep insects at bay.

I have a small tailbag with a small soft esky inside. Together they weigh very little and provide good storage when not filled with ice. I can do without television, dvd's, radio, internet, phones and all the rest, but a cold drink after a long hot ride is magic for picking up spirits, or chilling them :D

~ where do you camp in Tumbarumba ? ~ where do you camp in Tumbarumba ? ~ where do you camp in Tumbarumba earlie in the evenin ? ~

I choose the tumba tourist park. A few riders on Adv bikes were just leaving as I arrived, the owner said they had been looking for a cabin.
The park itself was fine if not a little noisy but there was some shade to be found and amenities.

Tomorrow is Elliot way, Murray River Rd & Granya Gap, time for some shuteye.

My thermalrest mattress did not agree....

More to come, obviously.... :D

15-01-2008, 02:26 PM
Looks like the start of a great trip. Looking forward to reading the rest of it.


15-01-2008, 02:40 PM

PRIME !!!:glu:glu

Keep it rolling, this is GOOOOD!! :so:so:so
Wee Jasper seemed a little greener than when we got there last year, good to see.

15-01-2008, 03:57 PM
Been waiting for this write up and it was worth the wait. And this is only Day 1. What do the other days have install for us???

15-01-2008, 04:31 PM
Day 2

After a restless night fighting with what I later decided must have been an "over-inflated" mattress, it was time to get organised and hit the road before the day warmed up. I was conscious at 6:30 and rose at 7am thinking I could fill myself with food & caffeine and be packed and gone by 8am. Wrong. It took me more than twice the time I had estimated to get moving. As with everything else, my camping routine still needs refinement.

A quick detour while heading towards Elliot way led me to Paddys River Falls. T'be sure t'be sure.

Any shade is good shade, it all helps. I actually failed to notice the multiple tents set up in the background of this shot until just today when I uploaded it. Nice place to bush camp, that's one for next time ! :D

Shortly after I reach the turnoff for Elliot Way. Elliot way winds up into the mountains, thankfully, and passes near Cabramuarra, a town I think was listed as Australias highest ? This is one of the gems Glitch put me on to as my original route actually bypassed Elliot way.



Short of Cabramurra I stop at a lookout after choking on fumes for 5 minutes while stuck behind a local fire truck working it's way into the mountains.

Hello stranger ! a couple of stroms roll in while I attempt to setup a timed shot. These blokes are Sydney siders and stop for a good chin wag. Rob & Steve, if I recall their names correctly, are on their way back to the big smoke via Khancoban, Jindabyne and the coast after a 3 day trip.

After talk of madstad brackets, bashplates, windscreens, panniers, GPS, traffic and weather it was time to get a move on, I left the lads to take in the view.

Shortly after the altitude increased and the scenery changed. Riding here was lovely and cool, it even looks cooler. Down below, Tumbarumba, Tintaldra, Tallangatta and the like would be starting to push 30 and then 35, but not here.


My first mirror shot for the trip, yu gotta get one in early. Not a cracker but it'll do !

Of Course it's not long before the lads pass me on their way to Khancoban as I pull over for yet another shot.

I reached my summit for the day and began winding my way along and slowly down the range towards Khancoban. I didn't visit Cabramurra on this pass but I will be back here again near the end of the trip as I do a day ride around Thredbo, Charlottes pass, Kiandra etc.

A view of Tooma Dam from Tooma Rd. Tis a big bugger.

There are a few things I always like to photograph. I love cloudy days where you get patches of landscape illuminated and shadowy patches all mixed together to give a wonderful mottled effect, and any contrast in colour or shade. I also enjoy photographing funky looking trees, this is the later. A product of bushfires I guess, but still and interesting looking beast.

I was lucky to receive wonderful blue sky for almost all of my trip but you just gotta have a few clouds to even things out.

Once down I stopped briefly to take a closer look at Tooma Dam but without altitude to help it was getting a lot warmer.


Not long after I hit an endless downhill slope that went on for ages and finally spat me out into 35 degree heat and some long hot stretches as I worked my way towards Tintaldra and the beginning of my Murray River Rd ride.


Soon after I crossed into Victoria for the first time. By the end of the trip I will have passed back and forth a number of times, but for now im heading west towards Tallangatta.

I also passed a small lookout overlooking Lake Hume ? and stopped for a quick look.


Lovely ride but bloody warm


While passing through Granya Gap I spied a dirt road leading up to Mt Granya Summit. The track was a little dodgey in places and with the heat I wondered for a while if I was heading up a track never to be seen again. After a series of grunts n farts I finally made the summit and it was worth a look, once you walk past the big telecommunications / weather station thingo.


I finally arrived at Tallangatta on one of the edges of Lake Hume, or where the lake should have been. The boat ramp is still in place, but I wouldn't launch here at the moment. :doh:



After being strongly tempted towards a motel room for the night I decided not to give in to the heat and took up residence for the night under some shady trees at the "lakeside" tourist park. Despite the lack of any visible lake to speak of, they did have shade and ice on-site, a big draw card for me. :so

Before the tent could be erected, repairs were in order. Another segment broke in it's socket before I was done but I managed to get the thing together and get another night out of it.

Luckily the design of this tent relies a lot on the fly and it's various fastenings which all helped to pull the tent back towards it's intended shape. As long as it don't rain, im golden !

As they call it in the film industry, Magic Hour

BonCarno to the rescue again tonight, Chilli Con Carne. A good feed with a breadroll but im looking forward to getting the heavy little bastards out of my topbox now. It's pasta n sauce from here on in.

Until now I had been pronouncing this place as "Tal-an-gatt-a" but I think it may actually be pronounced "Talan gattar" ? Either way, it's not the first place I've come to and baffled the locals by mis-pronoucing it, and won't be the last.

I made two revisions to my camping routine this time. First I decided to have as much as possible already packed, laid out and ready to go before I went to sleep. Secondly I resolved to limit myself to a quick coffee n biscuit in the mornings and forget the whole breakfast idea.

One day this show will run like a well oiled machine. One day :)

16-01-2008, 07:41 AM
Loving it, thanks.

16-01-2008, 06:14 PM
One day this show will run like a well oiled machine. One day :)

Well on the way by the looks of it.
Boy, I love those pics from around "The Top".
Elliott Way's a gem, eh :wow:
Can't wait for the next instalment...:glu:glu

17-01-2008, 07:54 AM
Glad you are all enjoying it.

Day 3 should be up today, Falls Creek & Mt Buffalo :D

17-01-2008, 06:53 PM
Waiting waiting

17-01-2008, 08:52 PM
Day 3 - Tallangatta to Falls Creek - Mt Buffalo & Myrtleford - 300k

Falls creek never really came up in my research for this trip, I don't recall reading anything about it nor seeing any pictures. Mt Beauty was a somewhat familiar name so I added that to my route as I would already be in the area. Google maps showed Falls creek as the logical place to turn around and continue on my way to Mt Buffalo so I tacked that on as well and never gave it another thought.

As it turns out, Falls creek is a bit of a trial by fire for the novice rider with only a handful of twisties under his belt, but something strange happened. The same twisties I may have deemed a chore in the past and possibly shunned had somehow endeared themselves to me. Slowly, as each twist and turn faded away behind me, I found myself looking forward to the prospect of the next one! Somewhere along the way a changed had occurred and I was no longer quite so far outside of my comfort zone, in fact, I swear I could almost see it out of the corner of my eye and each successfully negotiated curve helped to inch me closer to it. Even after I reached the top and had a break I still found the prospect of working my way back down a bit daunting, but I had began to see how a rider could grow to love the twisties. Anyway, probably time to move on :D

I managed to break camp, coffee-up and hit the road by around 8:20 today, a solid improvement from the previous morning.

Somewhere along Kiewa Valley Highway I passed through a grand arch and decided to circle back and try for a better angle.

I was not the only rider on the road, in fact, I had been passing tonnes of these guys, singles, pairs and whole regiments. Anywhere hot enough to cook a raw egg on the road you will find these guys, anywhere steep enough to keep you in first gear, there they are. You wont find me on one of those contraptions, bloody dangerous.

Heading towards Mt Beauty I begin to see the ranges in the distance


Another pair of funky looking trees, I guess the absence of leaves makes them look funky to me. In days to come I will capture a couple with leaves still attached, I promise.

This is a bit of a strange one but im always looking for ways to slip in extra images without taking up extra space. This is my first attempt at PIP (Picture in Picture). For better or worse, you be the judge. Im not quite happy with the placement of the mirror, nowhere seemed quite right but it but it was worthwhile exercise just the same.

Not far past the township of Mt Beauty the fun began, however due to the nature of the scenery and the riding, stopping for multitudes of pictures was not so viable.

The amount of shade increased as did the altitude, both helping to make for pleasant riding temperatures as I worked my way upwards.

Soon enough it was actually quite chilly, the snow markers began and the road markings changed from white to orange, something I had been oblivious to until I began riding through these Aussie alpine regions. I also saw "Slippery when Frosty" and "Slippery when Icy" signs for the first time on this trip, until now I had been limited to "Slippery when Wet".

Reaching the top the wind had picked up so much I only took a quick shot as the bike was in danger of being blown over. There were loads of bikes going up and down this place, mostly in small groups and large packs. Casually ignoring the signs I pulled over for the photo opportunity when I noticed another solo traveller headed my way.

Peter, out on a three day excursion, lives somewhere flat and void of excitement, but unfortunately the name escapes me just now. We chatted about the usual stuff, methylated spirit cookers, road conditions, tents etc and Peter "thoughtfully" offered to take a picture of me with the bike. I in turn "thoughtfully" managed to close my eyes in the tenth of a second it took to take the photo, rendering it all but un-useable. With a bit of work and creativity I managed to salvage the shot as best I could. :(

I managed to find a few nooks and crannies in which I could stop and take a few shots on the way down but options were once again limited.

I savoured the last of the cool air coming back down the mountain before the heat of the day rushed back in to greet me. In town I stopped at the local country club for a cold drink and some lunch before stage two.

Passing through Bright on my way to Porepunkah, base camp for Mt Buffalo.

After paying a small entrance fee I begin my accent of Mt Buffalo. Mt Buffalo had snow indicators and orange road markings of course, but I found it quite a bit warmer than my accent to Falls Creek.

Apparently certain parts of this mountain are named after parts of a buffalos anatomy but this bit didn't seem to be sign posted

Mt Buffalo was a smooth ride most of the way but it payed to keep an eye out for scattered stones on some of the corners







Not many skiers about today. Having never seen snow I think I might come back one day when it's cooler, even just to see some snow caps.


I missed the opportunity to stop and photograph this both on the way up and the way down, overshooting it each time, and was forced to negotiate a tricky U-Turn in order to capture it.

I only came across one rider while going up and down Mt Buffalo. I heard him before I saw him and he clearly had no intention of stopping to chat, if you know what I mean. :wow:


Most of the this road seemed to offer little to view but I managed to find a few gaps where I could stop for a photo.

This is quite similar to the view I had from the Mt Granya summit lookout, I wonder where that valley is in relation to this one, can't be too far away i guess.


My final stop for the day. By the time I arrived in Myrtleford I was stuffed and the summer heat was in full force. As rewarding as camping
can be, I was ready for rewards of a different kind.

This place was the first I could find and a little expensive at $109 but it was an oasis. Air-conditioning, Pool, Spa, TV, Running Water, Fridge, Electricity and a comfortable bed to name a few of the luxuries my cash had acquired for the night.

3 days and 1100ks on the road and im holding up pretty well. So far only sunburn, a small blister and a sore wrist for my troubles. Each of these being solely the result of riding a motorbike and nothing else, for those of you with perverse minds. :rolleyes:

I realised a few additional benifits to this mode of accomodation during my stay in Myrtleford. Packing up after a night here is much quicker and simpler than breaking up a campsite, so leaving at sparrows fart is a simple affair. Alternatively, sleeping in, having breakfast and leaving your ari-conditioned sanctuary at 10am is also a possibility.

Tommorow I head south towards Melbourne via Whitfield, Mansfield & Jameison, my target for the day Lake Eildon. Tommorow is Dec 30th and as new years approches things really start to heat up. :woot:


18-01-2008, 07:21 AM
This place was the first I could find and a little expensive at $109 but it was an oasis. Air-conditioning, Pool, Spa, TV, Running Water, Fridge, Electricity and a comfortable bed to name a few of the luxuries my cash had acquired for the night.

:wow: Didn't know Myrtleford had THAT sort of accom...:so

Each of these being solely the result of riding a motorbike and nothing else, for those of you with perverse minds. :rolleyes:


Again, good stuff, great pics :so:so

Has the Tawonga Gap recovered? (the road across the ridge between Tawonga and Bright).
'Twas a sorry sight last year


18-01-2008, 07:24 AM
The Snowies is just as beautiful in summer as it in winter. I prefer summer time there in fact.

Great photos again mate.

18-01-2008, 07:44 AM
Keep it up Clowndog, looking good. :thumbs:
I had to work most of the xmas break and it's great seeing someone doing what I should have been doing, I think :evil:

18-01-2008, 09:28 AM
I think it was better than that Pete, I don't recall riding through anything quite as severe as the photo you have there. That said, my brain probably switched to neutral for a while after the trials of Falls creek :D

20-01-2008, 06:52 PM
Day 4 - Myrtleford to Eildon via Whitfield - Mansfield & Jamieson - 290km

Squeezing every last ounce of luxury out of the motel room I slept late, ate a good breakfast and didn't saddle up until 10am :D

Well rested and without the burden of breaking camp I felt fresh despite the heat as I made my way towards Whitfield.

I had initially planned to ride through to Mansfield and stop for lunch before moving on, but as I neared Whitfield I decided I would stop and see if I could locate some proper sunscreen. I only have three options when it comes to skin tone, white and pink and red, and my face was heading towards the later, fast !

Grape vines, mountains in the distance and an easy cloud or three, this place was easy on the eyes.

Departing Whitfield, sunscreen in hand, I somehow managed to veer off course to head up the King Valley Rd which later becomes the Upper King Valley track. After confirming my error I doubled back to locate the original route. This was another one of the rides listed in the Australian motorcycle atlas and I had not come 1500km just to bypass it due to a lapse in concentration :lol:

As it turned out , the accidental side-trip was quite really a nice little road but I turned around before it went to dirt, snapping the odd shot along the way

As with other valleys, King Valley has it's share of vineyards but my better judgement decided against stopping for a sampler

This little critter waddled across the road a little way in front of the bike, timing his low speed dash to perfection. By the time I circled back for a photo he was casually walking into the bush on the opposite side, heading for a destination best known to himself.

After a quick scoot back to Whitfield I turned onto the correct road and began the climb


Unfortunately, limiting a panorama shot to 700 pixels in width leaves you with a fairly small image, but I think it still worked well enough with this shot of Otis Rd. Next time i might try doing one with the camera on it's side, perhaps that will help ?


Another area ravaged by bush fires but making a comeback

This goes a bit beyond leaf litter but at least it's easy to see


I have a photo of this without the car but I think it helps to show the scale and majesty of these trees.


I promised some funky trees with leaves still attached so hold on to your seats !

I took loads of pictures of this one, which really stood out. It's trunk was black as pitch while all the other trees in the area were sporting the usual assortment of brown trunks.


Mansfield was a great lunch stop despite the heat. I was easily able to locate a shady parking spot, a nice shady park bench, and an air conditioned take-away shop, all within a stones throw. I took a lazy 90 minutes to nibble down a mexican burger and sip away a cold drink before heading towards Jamieson and my final destination for the day, Lake Eildon.


For the second time today I managed to ignore both map and GPS and get off course, ending up on Rifle Butts Rd as I left Mansfield.

I decided to forge ahead as the road links up with my intended route after a short distance

Besides, the scenery wasn't half bad


It wasn't long before I was back on the black stuff and back up to speed

Just short of Jamieson I turned west towards Lake Eildon as the road began to snake it's way across the mountains.


Not wishing to walk the 20 meters from the parking area to take this shot I decided to try and park a little closer.

Working my way from side to side across the track I was focused on finding a patch of ground level enough on which to park. So focused was I that I inched my way further and further down the path, blissfully unaware of the turning space rapidly disappearing around me. Eventually I found myself lodged sideways across the track with gravel under left foot, air under right foot and no room to turn and ride out. After a few failed attempts to reverse the bike I sat for a moment pondering my predicament, sweating like a demon, cursing my stupidity and balancing the bike. Getting off the bike was not a possibility as there was no way it would stand by itself so any manuvers would have to be done from the saddle. I began by clearing rocks away on my left side to gain some traction as my right foot was only hitting air. Next I began a series of backward heaves, each time jumping on the break to secure my newly acquired position and ensure the bike didn't roll back forwards. My last tactic, once I had sufficient room in front, was to rev up and spin the back wheel, bringing the back end around just enough to allow me room
to ride out and continue on my less than merry way.

Good lil shot tho eh ? , worth it ! :D


Here is another typical stopping point for me. Steep decline, uneven footing, gravel underfoot. Some cats just don't learn, but I do love a good photo. I quite often ride along very slowly, waiting for all the components of a shot to line up just the way I want them to, and quite often I find a metre too far or too short and the components fail to lineup.



I eventually made my way onto some long straights and began looking forward to calling it a day, I could tell Eildon was not far away now.



I managed to keep costs down by opting for a hotel motel as opposed to a stand alone motel. $65 didn't buy me the same level of facilities but with a bar n bistro attached, it was hard to fault.

Just look at the furnace outside trying to claw it's way under the door and into my lime green hideaway. This is the second place I have stayed in named after a trout since I bought the bike, but who keeps score ?

Air-conditioning, hotel motel style

Hairpins right on my doorstep

As the day cooled off slightly I made my way to the bar n bistro for a well deserved cold one and a steak to wash it down.

Tommorow is new years eve, with the mercury set to hit 41 stinkin degrees around 1pm. I only have a short ride of around 100k to get down to Mt Dandenong where I hope to take a look at William Ricketts Sanctuary, after which I will make my way to Team WTF headquaters for a good old chin wag with Pete, aka Glitch, before booking myself into a suburban Melbornian motel for two days of R n R.


20-01-2008, 07:39 PM
Day 5 - Eildon to Mt Dandenong & Ringwood - 115k

Only a short ride on the books for today but I managed to find my way onto the ever popular Black Spur, without even realising it! :D

The strom was dressed and ready before I was, and eager to get a rolling !

I managed a nice early start to help avoid the heat but first I wanted to take a quick look at the Eildon dam

And here it is, Lake Eildon dam during magic hour. I make a mental note to try and discipline myself to rise early and capture this time of day more often, or at least try to catch the evening matinees.






After a quick look around I hit the road and headed south towards the Black Spur and William Ricketts

I arrived at Mt Dandenong around 8:30 and topped up with a quick breakfast bar in between riding a few loops trying to locate the sanctuary. The Black Spur was a wonderfull ride and quite stunning.

I located the Sanctuary at 9am and noted the opening time as 10am. Oh well, time to kick back and enjoy the morning, and the views.

10am came and went, and a call to the number listed for information resulted in the sad news that the sanctuary would not be opening due to the severe heat conditions expected later in the day. A little disappointed, I cut my losses and made my way to WTF headquaters.

Apparently, Goodie had been alerted to my impending arrive and promptly left the country :rolleyes:. Unfortunately for him, Pete was a little slower and was unable to escape. I managed to catch up with him for a few hours. Pete was a top host and a good sport, regaling me with stories and walking me through the genisis of the WTF stable. It was great to meet a tornanti in person and such an affable and passionate adventurer.

Pete offered to join me for the ride out of Melbourne on the 2nd (day 7) and to show me some of the back roads he knows so well. I greatfully accepted and with that I left Pete to his business and settled into some local budget accomodation for a day and a half of relaxing nothingness.


21-01-2008, 04:15 PM
Great story, excellent pics....it's a joy to read and gawk over and over.

And thanks for stopping by, I certainly enjoyed the company :so

21-01-2008, 04:43 PM
You sure do know how to use that camera and know what will make a great shot.

21-01-2008, 07:37 PM
Great report Clowndog. You have certainly covered some good looking country.

I'm heading down to Phillip Island from Brissy for the Wold supers in Feb. Unfortunately due to distance and time a lot of the trip will be on the main highways. After reading your report I've decided to make up some time in the first half of the trip and then cover some of the roads you've mentioned, Wee Jasper Road, Elliot Way and Granya Gap.

So once again thanks for the report, I guess this is what it's all about, drawing on the experiences of others so we can all have a better time.


21-01-2008, 08:55 PM
Enjoyed that...thanks. :cool:

22-01-2008, 07:15 AM
Thanks for the continuing kind feedback all ! It helps me knuckle down and keep chipping away at this :D

I will be working on Day 7 - Melbourne to Dargo, today and after that we have.

Day 8 - Dargo to Orbost via Hotham Heights and Dargo High Plains Rd
Day 9 - Orbost to Orbost via Bombala & Delegate
Day 10 - Orbost to Dalgety via Jindabyne & the Barry Way
Day 11 - Dalgety to Dalgety via Charlottes Pass, Threado, Cabramurra & Kiandra
Day 12 Dalgety to Bega via Maffra & Pambula
Day 13 Bega to home (Probably very little content here as it was mainly transit.)

Stay tuned :clap:

22-01-2008, 07:29 AM
I guess this is what it's all about, drawing on the experiences of others so we can all have a better time.


Exactly right. That's was the key reason this forum was set up for in the first place ....:chug::chug:

22-01-2008, 07:54 AM
You sure do know how to use that camera and know what will make a great shot.

If you saw the number of pictures I took and the percentage that actually were great shots, you might not still think that, but thanks :D

Looking to buy a book or enroll in a small course when I get the time, and I really need to purchase a camera of my own one day too.

I'm heading down to Phillip Island from Brissy for the Wold supers in Feb.

After reading your report I've decided to make up some time in the first half of the trip and then cover some of the roads you've mentioned, Wee Jasper Road, Elliot Way and Granya Gap.


Thats great to hear mate, im sure you will enjoy it !

Tumbarumba to Khancoban via Elliot way and Cabramurra was an absolute blast ! and a great opportunity to get out of the heat for a while.

23-01-2008, 08:06 AM
Unfortunately, limiting a panorama shot to 700 pixels in width leaves you with a fairly small image, but I think it still worked well enough with this shot of Otis Rd. Next time i might try doing one with the camera on it's side, perhaps that will help ?

No need to mate....
Just upload any pic in any size you want....the forum software will resize on the fly to 700pixel max wide.
BUT...by clicking the image, it'll open another page with the full-size pic!

So...if you could...just overwrite the file of that pano-shot (on your server) with a bigger version...it'll show up within the thread the size it is now...but expands to the new size by clicking it.

23-01-2008, 09:49 PM
Thats a nice feature, i'll do that !

I had hoped to get another day or two up but the business I work for was sold today with locks put on the doors the night before, you know the kinda deal :eek:

Anyway im still employed but going to be a busy few days. I'll post up some more on the weekend, still got some absolutly CRACKING photos to go !

24-01-2008, 07:26 AM
No sweat mate....good to hear your job's still there !!:so