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19-01-2008, 09:18 PM
On Tuesday evening the following email arrived from Derek Smyth;

"G'day fellas,Sat looks like being a bit hot, so I thought an early ride might be in order.This has been brought on by a report written by Richard Reeves. His jaunt sounded great, and he has got me stirred up.I had planned a ride for the Twin Spurs Rally, to which no-one attended,so Sat might be a good time to give it a fly.Starting at Montrose BP at 0700, we should arrive at Yarra Glen before lunch.Any takers? Let me know asap."

My first reaction was, I'm in!

My second more considered reaction was, have I got enough brownie points as I'm already committed to riding all day Sunday?

My reply to Derek was, sorry mate, love to but it's not going to work (brownie point deficit).

So we cut forward to Saturday at 06.20 and there I am sitting beside the road in Ferntree Gully waiting for Jaime to buy fuel from a closed Service Station (don't ask about the brownie points, this is a dual sport ride and I can accept the consequences).

From here on you get the pictorial


06.50 and Derek, Ian, Jaime and I are at the BP Montrose waiting for one more.


06.51 and Jim arrives.

07.03 and we are off via Sheffield Road and the Basin - Olinda Road to Olinda then down through various dirt roads to the Silvan Forest out onto the Monbulk Road and we are heading down Parkers Road to Worri Yallock.


You will have to get used to shots of my bike with the others disappearing in the distance, these guys don't take prisoners when it comes to photo stops.


Notice that the weather is still relatively dry although overcast.

On through Worri Yallock and Sheepyard Road to Hoddles Creek then up to the Warburton Highway and Don Road towards Pantons Gap.


For the first time I have been up there the "Slippery when wet" sign on the wooden bridge was accurate.


But it was good to see a reasonable amount of water flowing under the bridge.


Guys I told you I was going to stop and take photos. There is no need for the cold shoulder. :D


We are going that way!


Up above the clouds.


Although some were doing their best to catch up.


Guys I told you I was going to stop to take photos. Okay?
Donna Buang lookout


For some reason Jim would not swap his KTM for my V-Strom once we hit the dirt and he saw the Strom in action.


Derek had the badge so he was the leader so we followed him. Does he get a rider leaders certificate?


By this stage I was getting a bit sick of one cold shoulder in particular. :D

We headed off downhill to Cement Creek.


Yeah right!


and then along the Acheron Way to Nabethong then along fire trails in increasingly heavy rain


towards Toolangi


and what every tough dual sport biker wants - hot chocolate!


as the rain increased there was discussion in some quarters about "Doing a Ewan and Charlie" and ringing for assistance (wife with ute and trailer) on the Sat phone.


However the bikes are not house trained and had to stay outside in the wet.


From Toolangi it was down the old Dixons Creek Road


Notice the dust on my bike (it must have been dust Derek told us the weather was going to be hot and we were riding early to beat the heat and he never deviated from the line).


At the end of the ride one person couldn't stand the dust any longer


While the others stood around soaking up the sunshine and recounting the days exploits.

So what was the result?

A great ride.
We did beat the heat.
Derek doesn't know it until he reads this but he is now going to plan another route for the next ride.

21-01-2008, 03:59 PM
Good stuff !!!:glu
Boy, it must've been greasy by the end of the day...never stopped drizzling here.