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07-03-2008, 10:01 PM
My Supers trip started out pretty wet and I hit the road a little later than I had intended to. I had intended to be heading out the gate by 3am on the Tuesday morning, but after getting up at 2:30am and then stuffing around and doing a couple of things that I had forgotten to do saw me heading out thru the gate at 4 am with the trailer in tow. I didnít really need a trailer to go to supers, but I owed a big favour to a good mate of mine whose brother lived in Melbourne, and that favour was called in, a debt owed, a debt to be paid, and so I had the trailer loaded with some 50kg of stuff. It made packing the bike easy, real easy, I simply threw stuff in the trailer!
Once out of the driveway, I took the turn on the highway and up the Mt Morgan range, a short, sharp and tight bit of road that doesnít last very long at all, along with a few loose rocks strewn along it, the weather was nice and cool, ideal for riding and halfway thru Mt Morgan itself, a light misty rain started to fall, a sign of things to come for the day.
Not long after, I pulled on the wets and kept going running thru some heavier showers and lots of water along the road. On small creek had me slow right down as the road was under water, and upon inspection, as I got closer, I could see the line markings clearly under the water and crossed it without any drama, the water was only about 6inches above the road and some 3 metres wide. Just before sunrise and not long after I had went thru a place called Theodore, I came across another low spot in the road, not a bridge but simply some culverts, but the water was some 20 metres wide and this I thought, needed a hawk-eyed look see.
After walking it and find it all good, with the odd bit around a foot deep, I proceeded on my way, finally getting to Miles and my now habitual stop for fuel and a snack and also find out why the gps was on battery power and not getting power off the bike. After a leisurely breakfast and yack to a bloke about the bike, I found the offending fuse that was causing my gps power issues and than set about knocking out some more miles. As I left Miles, I thought I was in luck as the rain had eased and looked to be breaking, but alas, it was not to be!
Once thru Condamine, the rain varied from drizzle to heavy rain patches, the puddles of water on the road were getting bigger as I hit them, and me being me, I was setting along at my usual pace, and the bow wave coming off the front wheel was just finding the right spots and my boots were constantly getting ripped off the pegs, it didnít take long before my boots were simply full of water. This continued right up to the outskirts of Goondiwindi, where it eased right up and started breaking up very quickly.
I stopped at a servo on the outskirts of Boggabilla to take the wets off and saw that they had pretty damn cheap fuel, so I topped the tanks up and decided that my next stop would be Dubbo, around 500km down the boring highway of which to only bit to write home about is Coonabarabran to Gilgandra stretch with the few hills and sweepers that one can find. The odd thing about this stretch, is that most of it is signed to a 100 speed limit, whereas the rest of the highway is 110. Go figure!

After fuelling up in Dubbo, along with a Mars bar, I cruised on out and headed for Narrandera, where I had intended to stop for the night, but few km south of West Wyalong just on sundown, I spied a nice little rest area that looked just right to stop and have a drink and a munch on another snack. As I pulled in I saw another bloke there rolling out his swag and about to have a camp. We got to yacking, and there were a nice couple of bench tops that had some nice roofing over them and I decided that the company was good, so stopping here was the go!
Ďol mate was heading north on his fatboy to a birthday bash or something and was from Melbourne, he was a bit rooted and had decided to stop here for a few hrs or so.
No worries says I, I drag the triangia stove out and whip up some dinner for us, along with a bit of snakebite medicine from the flask in the tank bag and we were set for the night. Before turning it, I tried to convince Ďol mate that we needed to find some fire wood and stoke the little fireplace thingy that was there and light it a little later on, as

I reckoned it was gonna get bloody cool in the early hrs of the morning, but he convinced a gullible me that wasnít needed. I shoulda went and got wood myself, as around 4am qld time I went and found my boots, which had miraculously had dried in the later parts of the afternoon with the help of some engine heat, and put them on to try and keep me toes warm.
ĎOl mate was still sacked out as I packed up and got ready to leave just before sunup, but as soon as the bike started up he was up and we parted ways.

The gps reading when I pulled up:


Taken a few km down the road as the sun was coming up:



After a fuel stop at Narrandera, nothing much to write home about, I went thru Shepparton and then made my way onto the Hume highway and then into Melbourne, to make my stopover there to deliver the goods that I had onboard. After doing so (a debt owed, a debt payed), and finding that I was a lot earlier than I thought I would be I headed straight for the Island. Those who had offered me a place to sack out in the Melbourne area, your offers were greatly appreciated and if any of you are in my neck of the woods and looking for some company or just a place to sack out, just call!
I made San Remo and let Rosie know I was there, she had offered some space and her place to sack out over the weekend, which made the trip affordable for me, not having to fork out mega bucks for accom. She gave me a quick tour of the Island, and I was surprised at how rural and peaceful it was, I thought it would be more metropolized than what it was.
Stats for the day, including have to go into Melbourne and harassing those poor Mexicarnts


Part 2

For a tropical Qldíer like me, the nights down at the Island are rather cool, freezinf in fact!! I have bugger all fat to help keep me warm! On Thursday, Imick invited us for a little ride around some nice roads on the mainland side, and we met up with Sandy who was down for the day, which started out wet with some rain, it appeared that I had brought it with me! A change of plans and roads and it all soon became nice and dry, and a nice cruisey easy pace was set, sightseeing really, Mick sure does know some really nice roads around there, ones which a country boy like me wants to go back and explore some more. Later in the arvy, met up with Boris and co as well as a few others, and then an easy relaxing night.

Sandy maybe laughing, but I suspect she is whispering a spell in my direction regarding to having pics takenÖ


The bikes on the social outing


Some bloke called Wayne and a green trumpy who knows how to strap things to his bike in ways many do not



Friday was spent wandering around and looking at the track, which is one lovvvvely place.




The rest of Friday and Friday night Saturday morning was spent wandering around catching up with people whom I knew but had never met, sightseeing at the track, and in general, kicking back, relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere of the place. Supers is defiantly something that I will come back to and making sure that I am fully fit and then really getting out and partying hard like one should.

Saturday lunch was spent in San Remo with Boris, Biffa and Al ( god) with me ending up showing how versatile the roadtrain is by hauling some valuable cargo around.

Bloody hell the road train picked up a hitchhiker!!


An interesting ride:


Rosie telling Oddjob that she was buying this bike and going to tour around oz on it, sheís always wanted a touring bike J


I think this owner is running slicks




Who is this guy? Why would a birdwatcher be at a bike race? Oh hang on a sec, thatís Al checking out the bikes. Yeah right!! Ö.


07-03-2008, 10:03 PM
Part 3

Somone going for a ride around the track


On Sunday, Al told me that he was heading off after the last race and heading up to Cann River or somewhere like that for the night, as he had to be back in Sydney Monday, and some quick numbers in my head told me that if I went along with him, I could get to see some more new roads, and come Monday still have the same distance to travel back home if I left the Island Monday morning or thereabouts, so we sealed the deal and just before the last race finished I cleared out to hook the trailer up and fuel up as Al was all ready to go when he got to the track.
After saying good byes to all those that I had met for the weekend, well those at the track anyhow!! I proceeded to get packing and moving. In the rush to get moving, I left a few things at Rosieís, a little LED torch that is the absolute ducks nuts and lives most of the time in my tankbag, and is one of only two torches I own, and I guessing that there is now an empty 40 ounce rum bottle at her place, hopefully she hasnít thrown it out also, as I have just checked and I now discover I only have 3 empty bottles here in my cellar, not good at all. Hopefully that little torch will be in the mail soon, Iím really missing that thing! Damn near broke me neck the night I got home to find there was a powefailure and no torch ended up with me tripping over the dog.

Once Al and I were under way, we made progress up the highway and just before sundown, rode into Lakes Entrance, the roads leading up to here and very nice and one little corner as we made our way down the last few bends into Lakes Entrance damn near caught me by surprise, it just kept going back on itself and I had to actually put some effort into the corner for once. We had set a nice cruisy pace all the way to Lakes Entrance, and around about that point Al reckoned we would stop at Orbost, which was cool by me. The roads to Orbost and also nice and a number of times I was tempted to up the tempo and make the most of them in the night, but held back not knowing if Al would appreaciate me hairing off into the night.
We arrived in Orbost at around 9:30 local time and found a pub that had some rooms, but they stopped doing meals about an hr earlier, and we were directed to a pizza place that I had seen on the way in, so it was back there to order dinner, and whilst I was waiting for that Al sorted a room out for us. That little pizza place sure does whipp up a good pizza and garlic bread, I have made a note of the place for when Iím that way next time.
We had our dinner and a few light drinks at the pub before turning in for a good nights sleep, and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I bombed out until I heard Al getting up and about the next morning.
We were going to have breakfast in Orbost, but nothing seemed open, and Al said he knew of a beut place in Cooma, so we decided that breakfast at Cooma was the order of the day, and after fueling up, we set aout doing this.

Fuelling up in Orbost


A little further down the road


With Al in the lead, we set a very nice cruisy pace thru Cann River and some nice roads all the way thru to Bombala and than on towards Cooma, and just before Cooma, Al started slowing down, and initially I thought he was enjoying the view going up this hill, but then he started wriggling the bike around and doing odd things and getting slower, and it finally dawned on me, he was outa fuel!!!
After a few laughs, I drained some fuel from the aux. Tank and we proceeded the last few km into Cooma and to a bloody brillant breakfast joint.
I ordered a pancake with bacon and eggs and when it came out, I was gobsmacked, the pancake along was the size of the plate and at least 1/2inch thick. Hot damn!!!
I shoulda ordered just the pancake, as I barely got thru that! And it was absolutely nice! If your going to cooma and want a feed, this place offers and all day breakfast and on the door, says bikes welcome.


After making sure Al had fuelled up before leaving Cooma, we head up the road to the Canberra turnoff before stopping and parting ways, Al to head for Sydney and me to head up inland to western NSW.

PT 4 finale

After watching Al head off toward Sydney, I plotted my next move and than headed off also, skirting the northern edges of Canberra to head towards Yass. Going the outskirts of Canberra, I noticed an ugly looking building, it looked like the center point tower in Sydney, and boy did it look out of place and just plain ugly, I was glad when I turned a corner and didnít have to see it anymore.

Things were fairly boring until I turned off onto the Lachlan Valley Highway and headed towards Boorowa with the intention of stopping for fuel at Molong, but just before Boorowa, I noticed my water bottle damn near empty in the tank bag, and I ended up fuelling up there also. I enjoyed to road all the way thru to Molong, nothing tight, mostly straight with some sweepers and the country wasnít bad to ride thru at all, quite scenic actually! Molong-Dubbo-Gilgandra isnít much to write home about road wise, but Gilgandra-Coonabarabran is much better, I still canít understand why most of it is sign at 100.
I stopped at Coonabarabran for a fuel stop, which, in my figuring, I wouldnít be stopping for fuel until not that far from home the next day. As I hit Narrabri, I suddenly had an attack of the munchies, and pulled into a servo that the truckies seemed to like, judging by the number of them parked out the back! Dis be good methinks, I can stop here for a bit, have dinner and a nice hot shower before heading up the road some more, so I parked right out the back in a nice spot that would see me get run over, and rummaging around in the trailer dragged the stove back out and some pasta that was stashed in there.
Luckily it was still daylight, although only just, as I had no torch, and the map light on the bike wouldnít reach to the trailer and I was just too much of a cheapskate to go buy a cheap arse torch. Knocked up my pasta dish and sauce, made a coffee and settled down to relax for a few mins before heading over to the servo and seeing what I could do about getting myself a nice hot shower.
Once the dishes were done I wandered over and found that the only person working the servo was a lass who would have been barely 20, and after a short conversation, managed to score myself a free pass to the showers!! Hot damn! It turned out she was keen on bikes and wanted to get one herself.
I ended up staying there the night, got caught up yacking to a few truckies and as time slipped by I decided that out the back tucked behind a truck was just the right spot for a few hrs kip.

The stats when I stopped at Narrabri

Speedy st, I think in Canowindra


Sunrise heading out of Narrabri the next morning


I only had a short run today, and made good time until just before Moonie, where a marked patrol car looked like he was going to cause trouble, so I stopped at Moonie and fuelled up even tho I hadnít intended stopping until Miles, I simple wanted mr plod out of my way!!
Blasted out of Moonie, and upon seeing mr plod turn and head back towards Goondiwindi, I settled down to a nice pace and headed for home, this time there was no rain to contend with and even tho there still was a lot of water in the table drains heading to Miles. The spots where water was over the road on the way down were now all free and clear and I made good time right thru to home, coming to a halt under the verrandera at 1.40pm qld time.
Overall I had a good trip and will go to supers again, it may not be for somtime tho, depending on finances and other touring and rides I may have on.
Fuel for the trip cost me roughly 450ish and around 5,000km.
Many thanks to Rosie for letting me stay at her place for the weekend, and all those who offered me room to sack out over the trip, if youse are ever up my way there is a spare room and plenty of back yard up here. I can offer repairs and good company! I had a good time meeting up with old faces and new, and for those who hadnít met me, now know that Iím no giant wrestling that road train around, but a skinny chap.

Stats when I stopped for the day


more misc pics and afterthoughts to come.

08-03-2008, 01:22 PM
was the trumpy guy planning on eating them while riding?

09-03-2008, 06:30 PM
Hi mate

Hope, you don't mind me merging the 2 threads, it just makes for better continuity of a fantastic read....keeps it all in one place.

GREAT story....lots of good pics...looks like you've had an absolute ball :thumbs::thumbs:
Thanks for sharing !!

And THAT had me doing a double take....it's been at least a decade since I've seen one of those


09-03-2008, 10:09 PM
Yes that Guzzi had me scatching my head for a few minutes, i'd never seen one in the flesh and vaguely rememeber coming across somthing about one on this big bad web world.

09-03-2008, 10:12 PM
some thoughts...
It's FLECKING COLD down there, even if it is summer or whatever time of the year it is. I'd hate to see winter, i think i would suffer greatly!!!! even with snakebite medicine.
The island and surrounding areas are a lot more rural than i thought it would be. I thought the island itself would be much more metropolized. I most certainly enjoyed the weekend, and remarked to several people, if it wasn't for knowing a few of you buggers down there, i would have been a little lost at sea wandering around and wouldn't have got to hear/see the insights that only locals can tell you. I thought that the Euphoria was much bigger than what it is!! One highlight of the weekend was getting to meet Bracksy, listening to his commentary over the weekend, as always is very enjoyable.
Melbourne has these rail lines down the middle of the streets, why on earth would they do such a thing. sitting inbetween two rail lines with a vehicle in front of you and a truck behind you and ya thinking what's gonna happen when a coal train comes rattling along... we all become waffer thin?? they hose us off the road??
Cagers and trucks were like sydney and brisbane , rubber neckers as you go past them or they happen to move past you in the line of traffic, and damn near cause an accident cos they are to busy rubbernecking at you and not where they are going. Havn't they seen a touring bike before? same going thru dual lane roundabouts etc, you whip thru them and the number of drivers whose jaws drop and the eyes damn it, never seen eyes open up bigger than dinner plates before!!! The number of drivers yacking, texting, putting on mascara etc scares me. they most certainly have no idea of what is happening around them.
Pedesterians are the same, ya parked up on the footpath plotting the next few roads you have to take etc etc, some just simply stop and scratch their heads, i'm guessing trying to figure out what they are looking at, others don't even blink, others walk past staring at ya and then when past ya, you look in the mirror and they are out with the ph taking a pic or somthing like that.
Some seem to want to approach and say somthing, but they seem to be too scared. could it be all the bug splatter on the bike, helmet and well worn jacket? the scowl on my face because i'm having to navigate my way thru a rat race and where everyone is cooped up like they are in a chicken coop?
Coming back just before dubbo, i noticed that i had scored a snack, so i left them there for 'ron, never know when one could get hungary...


11-03-2008, 08:43 AM
some thoughts...
It's FLECKING COLD down there, even if it is summer or whatever time of the year it is. I'd hate to see winter, i think i would suffer greatly!!!! even with snakebite medicine.
Cold??? :rofl:
Come back some frosty morning in July/ August....THEN it might be COLD!!
Guess, everyone different.
I just don't "function" well when temps go past the low-30s...no zip, no zest, no go.And shite, there's a whole week of that ahead :eek:

The island and surrounding areas are a lot more rural than i thought it would be. I thought the island itself would be much more metropolized.

Mate, if it would be up to the developers.... PI would be a Melb suburb and all of it 4-storey high.
It'll still happen, as money always wins in the end...

12-03-2008, 09:32 PM
I just don't "function" well when temps go past the low-30s...no zip, no zest, no go.And shite, there's a whole week of that ahead :eek:

I'm only just starting to loosen up in the low 30's :)

Mate, if it would be up to the developers.... PI would be a Melb suburb and all of it 4-storey high.
It'll still happen, as money always wins in the end...

Yeah, thats the way isn't it! i like it the way it is, if it wasn't so bloody cold there, i could easily live there, nice area, some great little roads...