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19-04-2008, 08:56 PM
Reading Andrews High Country report just made me want to go there

I had to get to Melbourne from Nowra to do a course for work. What better way than to go through the Victorian High Country.

I would be joined on my trip by John on his wee strom. He had gotten back from a weekend riding the Oxley on his FJR then joined me for 4 days of riding. Some people have it tough:rofl

We started off from Nowra and headed to Braidwood via Charleys Forest road. This was a good run but bridge work at Mangalowe made us detour and come out about 10kms down the Kings Hwy from Braidwood. I got a phone call from the missus to say I had her credit card so it was off to the Post Office to send it home while John got some oil from the servo.


We then headed off for the run to Nimmitabel.


I must do the road through Wadbilliga one day


John was having fun on some of the straight long sections of dirt. I could hear the staintune come on song from behind as he shot off:evil

It was fuel up time at Bomballa and I put 18.32litres in the Safari tank after 346kms. So 600kms should be easy on one tank.


After filling up we continued into Delegate for the night. The publican said we were early as the AusADVriders are having a gathering there tonight.

I hope you blokes took warm clothing, that place is:vardy

The next morning we headed towards McKillops Bridge.

A great ride it is too









After leaving the Bridge we made the long climb out to the Barry Way.



Then headed towards Suggan Buggan


Always a good excuse to get a shot of the DR looking good:thumb


Plus I get to see how much fuel I have used during the day.

From there it was onto to the Benambra Black Mountain Rd.

A photo stop at the Wombargo Range sign where I got one of the 950 in January


Then a break for a drink and some food at Native Dog Flat


I really like the run into Benambra from the Barry Way. It has some great scenery and the roads are varied.





Lunch in Omeo then over the Birregun Rd to Dargo. I had not done this road before and I loved this one too. We missed the Dogs Grave though. So another trip will be planned to check it out.

The regrowth from the Bushfires make the place look a bit wierd.


Looking at the map we saw a track called Stock Route. It looked like it would cut off a few kms on the run into Dargo.


With John riding this


And the track looking like this


We decided to go the long way.


We booked into a suprisingly warm Dargo and staying in these rustic looking Log Cabins


You can't go to Dargo with out the Pub shot


From Dargo the next morning we took A2s advice and went down the Freestone Ck Rd.

Thanks Andrew we had a ball on that road




We were going to take Marathon Rd then get on the Tambaritha Rd into Licola but after reading this sign.


We decided to have a look at Lake Glen Maggie, butnot before bumping into SteveXLV in his home town of Briagalong on his way to Delegate


I need a break back soon

19-04-2008, 08:57 PM
So it was on to lake Glenmaggie. This was the lake that filled and spilt out the gates to flood Gippsland in June 2007.

Its gone down a bit since then.



I took this one for my Mum:D I left the helmet on in case people are eating


Then it was onto the tar twisties into Licola. I ws wishing the DR would transform into a GSXR for this bit.

A few photos of the Macalister River. The water must have come rushing down here to do this much damage.






From Licola we dodged the log trucks up until we had to chaeck the map again to find out where we were


That sorted and the threat of log trucks gone it was time to have some fun. The next 10 or so kms was corner after corner of drifting the DR in and trying to light it up on the way out.

This was the highest point we climbed to at 1578 metres.


The haze was from controlled burn offs over behind Jamieson.


Which were plain to see when we arrived


I must get some fuel. My high tech fuel guage is reading around 4 litres left.

Another night in a pub with another steak for dinner.
Life is tough:1drink :1drink

19-04-2008, 08:58 PM
Before we went to book our room we managed to get his shot of the sun through the smoke


I forgot to get fuel but planned that for the morning.

The DR made some really awful screeching sounds and refused to start so I put it out in the sun and eventually it started. Then stopped, then started again.

It was time for John to head back to Sydney so he headed off via Mansfield while I waited around for the servo to open.


I had travelled 575kms since leaving Bomballa and put in 28.73 litres. So I had atleast 4 litres left. I m loving this big tank after having the 950 run dry at 300kms with a 22 litre tank.

Once fueled up I headed to Woods Point. Where I made a quick phone call home while fingers thawed out.




Both John and myself commented on how rough the road down from Mt Skene into Jamieson was the previous day. Well John you would have been glad to miss the road from Woods Point to the top of McAdams Gap. It was shocking


It was the followed by about 10kms of loose thick blue metal and soft powdery dust that was like riding on Marbles. It wasn't too bad apart from the numerous 4wds who decided to scare the shit out of this poor unsuspecting DR rider.

All I ask for is some of the road, but they wanted it all:upyrs:

I was dreaming of the DR becoming a GSXR again when I went down the Reefton Spur




No more dirt now as I went through the city and made my way to the bottom of the Westgate for a KFC health kick:D


Then the long boring drone down the Melbourne-Geelong rd to my parents.

Tomorrow its back to Laverton to my new home for 2 months while I am in Melbourne.

19-04-2008, 10:14 PM
ahhhhhh bloody magic...

I dropped into Mick Hone Suzuki and got a price on a DR650 via finance the other day...

it is so tempting

20-04-2008, 10:09 AM
Is the Licola to Jameison road open again? Last time I was up there the locals said it was still closed to to land slippage & fire damaged trees so I never bothered going any further to look.
Excellent report by the way:clap: And I have to agree about the road out of woods point being shockingly rough:wow::wow: Last time I was up there there were about 6 inch high rock ledges across the road everywhere. Sounds like it hasn't changed:)

20-04-2008, 01:31 PM
Is the Licola to Jameison road open again? Last time I was up there the locals said it was still closed to to land slippage & fire damaged trees so I never bothered going any further to look.

Apperamtly there was a sign at the Licola end, but I didn't see it:wink:

The sign at the Jamieson end said open.

20-04-2008, 01:56 PM
raceway suzuki have got an 07 650SE for around $4900 I believe??

have asked the wonderful Damian for a ride away price for Phillip

Great ride report, loved all the pictures as well


20-04-2008, 07:23 PM
nice ride report..

to the 2 thinking about a DR650 as a partner to the DL.. dont do it..

IMO the DRZ400 is a far better option.. there is too much crossover between the DR and DL..

the DRZ can do everything the DR can and is lighter and much better suited to proper offroad riding.. I owned a DRZ and they are a fantastic bike.. and have the same range of aftermarket parts as the DR..

just a thought.

20-04-2008, 10:04 PM
Dont worry, I do have my eye on the 400 but a 400 will not sit on the hwy at 110kmh as well as the 650..

I do agree the 400 is a better dirt bike, but I still have to get to and from.

I will have to ride both

21-04-2008, 05:48 AM
Quoted from Phil

He wants to be able to just explore the trails at a sedate pace, not jump hills. We've even been looking at AG bikes so we can just putter around. The bikes will ultimately be used on our property and the surrounding area.

The DRZ has longer suspension travel which is suited more so for fast hard riding.

Phil had a DRZ BEFORE he got the DL and he says the 400 was a good bike, just not for his sort of riding.


21-04-2008, 03:44 PM
That's a great read and some great photos.. I blame Andrew2 also because after reading his ride report, I've got the bug to go off-bitumen-ing and get my Buell out into the bush. If this weather holds up, and it looks like it should, I'll be heading out to the Thomson National park for a few hundred km of dirt Wednesday/Thursday this week and probably camp in Aberfeldy area. Unfortunately the Buell only has a 16.7 litre tank which has a reasonable range of about 300km, but needs high octane so there'll be a detour back into civilisation at some stage to fill 'er up with the good stuff about a 80km return trip from Rawson-Tyers-Walhalla. Might throw a bottle of octane boost in my bag too just in case I venture too far away from PULP.

The first dirt road ride I did on this bike after I bought it was to Woods Point and back, and I remember what the quality of the road there was like, so if that was as bad as the roads get I'm pretty sure I'll get on quite well... I have been a bit hesitant about going out by myself on unknown forest roads but I asked the question in ADVrider and I get the feeling the roads will be in better condition than I expect... plus I've had a few months more dirt road riding experience now.

21-04-2008, 06:08 PM
Dont worry, I do have my eye on the 400 but a 400 will not sit on the hwy at 110kmh as well as the 650..

I do agree the 400 is a better dirt bike, but I still have to get to and from.

I will have to ride both

my 400 sat plenty well on the freeway at 110kph..

I still feel the DR650 has too large a crossover patch with the DL that it's not worth it..
the suspenion is really crap.. the seat is just as bad as the DRZ.. and it's a heavy pig..
the DRZ suspenion is MUCH better.. and with the right gearing (simple front sprocket swap) can be a singletrack machine one day and a commuter the next..

25-04-2008, 08:12 AM
Nice report Greg.It's a pity you did'nt make the Pinnacles but it gives us an excuse for a ride when you get back to the South Coast.


25-04-2008, 08:14 AM
I'm considering a DR650 as well.They make a great all roads touring bike.Cheap with heaps of after market gear for them.


25-04-2008, 01:34 PM
Nice report Greg.It's a pity you did'nt make the Pinnacles but it gives us an excuse for a ride when you get back to the South Coast.


Could be a bit chilly by then Andrew.

Plus I will only have the weekend to get back.

30-04-2008, 12:15 PM
Could be a bit chilly by then Andrew.

Ok,later in the year then:so

01-05-2008, 05:46 AM
nice! :so