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25-04-2008, 01:30 PM
Hi folks
just a quick one from an internet cafe in Gayndah, about 100km west of Bun.
Gtreat start a few days ago with SAAB (Guy) getting us from the airport to the freight depot.
The cooloola Coast from Noosa up the beaches was a blast, then a very slow and painful dig through deeeep sand and dense, drippiong rainforest out to Rainbow Beach.
Showers here and there, but mostly good.

Then came Fraser Island, the guys at the barge laughed their heads off, seeing the 2 Posties....but took us aboard, 40 bux is 40 bux eh?

The 2 days on Fraser wwere the BEST and most incredible days on a bike imaginable.
The like critters fought their ways through the sand, Goodie and I nearly died of exhaustion and overheating.
The beach run 90k's up to Indian Heads was a dream, then came the deep stuff and climbs, climbs.

Rolled into Waddy Point Camp half-dead and HAPPY !!!

Next day across the island to the west Coast, what a brutal slog to Wathumba Creek.

25-04-2008, 01:50 PM
Good stuff Pete!!!!

Keep the updates coming !

25-04-2008, 01:51 PM
The guys at the barge laughed their heads off....but took the 40 bux....
running up the 90km of beach to Indian Heads was a dream....the climb in deep, rutted sand with loads of roots embedded, took the lights out of us.
Sun pelting down, the 9km took 2.5hrs of pedalling and pushing, walking the bikes and searing our heads off.

Made it to Waddy Point Camp...what a great place....and they even had HOT showers !!!!!!
Next morning and it's 3km along the beach at high-tide (it'll be fine, no worries another camper told us!!!)....my arse....found a tiny ledge of sand to wait for 1.5hrs staring down to waves to not swamp us off our perch.

Then 16km from Orchid Beach across the island to the Wathumba Creek on the west-coast.
"The Wathumba Creek/ The Mudhole and the beach down to the Harvey Bay barge at Moon Point are impassable !!!!"

Yeah ???

25-04-2008, 01:56 PM
I'll leave the details for later....is was a HARD slog crossing the Creek and "The MUdhole"....the 40 km of VIRGIN beach was just UNBE-FARKEN-LIEVABLE !!!
Overshot the ferry point due to lack signage/ markers and finished up crossing a few eerie mangrove-lined mudflats, flattening hordes of soldier crabs in the process.

Drowned the postie the 3 time...and me with it, but the camera seems to have survived the short dunk....each time the little ter sucked water big-time...BIG TIME.

Made the ferry by a smidgin, with 1/4 bottle of water and muesli bars left, exhilarated by having made it and totally exhausted and soaked....my bike kept going against all odds and lots of stutter/ farting....it saved my arse!!!

25-04-2008, 02:11 PM
Got a caravan in Harvey Bay, just on dark....then checked the bikes next morning. Goodies ok, mine had nearly 2litres of custard/ emulsion in the cases instead of 1l of oil.
FARK !!! No surprise, really, but....
8 oilchanges beside the caravean and under frangipanis and palm trees and I finally had clean oil running out after a 5min warm-up ride....

Next day: Off towards the west a little, then the major tack north, Cairns the target. Made it about 20km north of Gayndah, before my scoot that it had enough and started to make noises....Fraser Island Rivers were calling and calling for a terminal!!! Engine bust!!

Called Glen (Loxsmith !!) and a new engine was located at Onetenmotorcycles in Caboolture (fully reco, anyway), Glen and Guy (Saab) bringing it to Gayndah tomorrow.

Saying thanks to those guys sounds y lame...they not just stuffed their own long-w/e, but got the engine Anzac Day morning, then do a 600km return trip from Brissie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all I can do now....THANKS YOU TWO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25-04-2008, 02:16 PM
Anyway....the people along the way have just been incredible !!!
No idea when we can check back into this thread, but the quest for Cairns is still on....on a different route to make up time, but still on.

Can't wait to meeet Guy and Glen tomorrow, hope some coffee shop in town is open to shout them brekkie before it's onto the job to put the critter back together.

Time's running out for me now....see ya all later for the full story with PICS (and there will be some SPECIALS amongst that lot!!)

Posties to the Cape.....STILL rolling !!!