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14-07-2008, 10:29 AM
Left work at 1pm Friday afternoon and rushed home to pick up the RR “red rocket”. Stuart “Passion” my business partner loves doing silly shit, so he didn’t have to be asked twice to join in for the ride. The plan was to ride from home meet up with Passion, then continue on to Dayboro via Clear Mountain then onto an overnight camp in the Mt Mee Forestry for night 1. The following night we had made plans to meet up with our partners at Neurum Creek Bush Getaway just near Woodford.
The bike was prepacked the night before, so it was ready to ride off into the sunset, or so I thought. I hadn’t ridden it since I fitted the new rubber both ends and apparently I didn’t crank up the rear brake adjuster far enough. This made for an interesting first corner, certainly got my attention. It gets better, in my wisdom I thought that the forks needed some upgrading, so I decided to fill them with 20 weight fork oil. All this achieved was to make them feel like they were welded in the fully extended position. Great, a weekend of riding a motorbike that felt it had a front end setup the same as a pushbike over very rough roads. Lets just say the kidney belt was worth it’s weight in Gold.
So off I go, met up at the prearranged spot with Passion and headed out through Clear Mountain to Dayboro. Now it’s a little hard to ride past the Dayboro Pub without having a few samples. Met up with some other road bike riders who were just shaking their heads at our bikes, but like everybody else they were up for a chat about what we were up to. Several rums later we were discussing that maybe this was far enough to ride for the night and the veranda looked like a fine place to camp for the night. Sanity prevailed (must have been the only time on the whole weekend) and after taking some happy snaps we fired up the rockets and headed out of Dodge. Now after a few drinks, riding a Postie loaded to the hilt almost seems normal, almost. It’s been a few years since I ventured into this section of the Forestry and the memory is a little sketchy at the best of times. Typical Government park management, not a directional sign to be seen. You know those maizes that you can walk around for hours and when you finally get out you think to yourself why did that take me so long? Well that is what happened to us in the Forestry.
We had a choice of 6 different tracks to take, tried 5 of them and on the last one I discovered that a Postie headlight sheds less light than a single wax candle. Riding down steep muddy fire trails and crossing flowing creeks was just a little difficult if not downright dangerous.
Decision was made or should I say forced upon us to crawl back up the fire trail we had just descended and find a flat bit of ground to set up camp for the night. We jagged the only flat bit of ground I had seen for ages right on the top of the hill. Quickly set up camp as we had some drinking to do to lessen the weight we were carrying. Do you like that excuse?? I had 4 litres of top class red and Passion had some other poison that at this very moment I can’t actually recall what it was. I told you my memory was a bit ordinary. While the sun was gasping it’s last breath I took note of where it was setting to try and work out which direction we were going to head in the morning. In between all this riding Passions bike got a little tired and decided to lie down. Apparently one wheel wanted to go in one wheel rut and the other picked a different line, bloody standard Vee Rubber tyres. Shit funny when you are riding behind him and watch it all unfolding. For a short moment I thought he may have hurt himself as he was still lying under the bike when I skidded to a halt beside him. Turns out he was laughing that hard he was unable to move. Day one over.

14-07-2008, 10:32 AM
More pics

Day 2 to follow soon!

14-07-2008, 11:27 AM
Heehee he looks like fun. You alway were crap at finding camping spots.:D

ps Cracow pub 1st weekend aug if your up for it.

14-07-2008, 11:35 AM
Turns out he was laughing that hard he was unable to move.

I just know how Passion was feeling.............. Posties do that to you

14-07-2008, 02:05 PM
Please make Day 2 white coloured text so I don't have to highlight it to be able to read it.

14-07-2008, 07:12 PM
Glorious stuff !!!! :bs:bs:bs

Love it...love it....MORE!!!!!

Know EXACTLY how you felt.....shit, this is brilliant fun!! :clap::clap:

And nothing's fallen off or broke in half yet !! :chug:
Can't wait for the rest of it....:glu:glu

15-07-2008, 12:59 PM
Lets just say the load was considerably lighter the next morning as we slowly packed up the gear and headed out of camp. I made a mental note to pack a bottle of Panadol next time. Hope the Ranger forgives us for the unauthorised fire that we had to have. You guessed it track 6 was the one we should have taken first up yesterday. Piece of piss when you get on the right track. Stopped several times to soak up the atmosphere at some crystal clear creek crossings and let the thumping behind my eyes calm down a little. Made it to our second night camp with time to spare before the girls arrived. The campground had a BMX track and we had discussions as to whether we should show the youngsters how it should be done. Sanity again prevailed and the fact that we were just arriving and not wanting to be ejected, we rode on up to check in. Who should be at the office waiting for me but one of my old neighbours. They decided to visit us for the day and see if I really was doing all this on a bike they normally only see the mail delivered on. The management must have known we were trouble, as they gave us the most remote campsite that needed low range 4WD to get to. Girls turned up, tents set up, firewood collected or should I say paid for and we were all set for Round 2. My alcohol diet changed tonight to heavy beer and I behaved a little better. Day two over.


15-07-2008, 01:21 PM
Heehee he looks like fun. You alway were crap at finding camping spots.:D

ps Cracow pub 1st weekend aug if your up for it.

Could be interested, would that be a Fri to Sunday??? And I have to ask, how much dirt???

18-07-2008, 09:17 AM
Last Day
Sorry heads didn’t rise ‘til after 8ish to a cloudy day, slowly packed up and parted company with our partners for the ride back home. Oh, and we topped up the tanks with fuel that the girls bought along for us. Wasn’t needed but better to have too much than not enough. A little suspension tuning and we were on our way. As we rode out the gate of the campground I asked Pash if he dropped breadcrumbs yesterday so we could find our way back, no came the reply, Shit. Only had one minor navigation error so it was all good. Some crazy ?+%^er on a dirt bike came around a blind corner on my side of the road and got my undivided attention. We both swerved and managed to avoid contact, I have seen the results of head on collisions in this very park about 10 years ago. The resultant injuries and helicopter evacuation are not something I ever want to see again. With my heart rate back down to somewhere near normal, we spent some quiet time at another little creek crossing, very pleasant. Rode on past the Dayboro Pub this time resisting the temptation to stop. A few of the assembled bikers yelling at us to “put it up on the back wheel mate”, had obviously never ridden a Postie bike. So we continued on to the equally famous Dayboro Bakery for some maggot bags and iced coffee. We parked the Posties between all the sports bikes, as you do, then just watched the faces. As you can tell, I am a little shy and I am not used to being talked about. Left the keys in the ignition, who’s gunna steal it?? Food was good, and I quietly mentioned to Passion to watch out for the usual Sunday afternoon radars that the local coppers are noted for. Oops, I forgot, we are flat out reaching the posted speed limits anyway. At the final turnoff we stopped, said our goodbyes, and had a laugh at some of the silly stuff we got up to and spoke of how much fun these little bikes are. Tuff little buggers they are too!
Got home after 215km all up and started to work out how to lighten the load for the big trip, Posties to The Cape '08, bring it on Pete, I’m not scared! :chug:

What worked
Mirror extensions
Tomahawk mounting, yep got one of those mounted on the crash bars!
Mower fuel tap for stove refuelling
Wet suit grips
Knobby front tyre
Rocket launchers
Camera and mini tripod

What didn’t work
Pannier bases, potential leg breakers
Top box mount was too far forward
20 weight fork oil :doh:

Score card, 1 crash, 1 near head on near miss (cockhead)
They go faster with “Air Mail” stamps on ‘em!


18-07-2008, 09:37 AM
They go faster with “Air Mail” stamps on ‘em!


GREAT STUFF....nice write-up, mate.
While nobody wants to pinch an overloaded postie (with a tomahawk strapped across the front :wow::wow: :bs)....everyone mills around them and wants to have their pic taken sitting on one, aye?

Oh yeaaaaah...them's the posties :so:so
Thanks for highly entertaining and funny yarn.