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22-03-2006, 03:43 PM
Decided it was about time for a change. Rather than heading east into the hills I love so well – took the challenge & headed out west for the weekend.
It was going to be interesting – never ridden in heavy traffic on a freeway (why would I when the Black Spur is at my doorstep), or thro’ the tunnel (no big deal except for not being able to see with tinted visor & sunglasses on) or done such a long days riding.
So, we left earlyish Saturday morning & headed over the Westgate where I was gently guided thro’ the traffic, onto Geelong & out towards the Great Road itself. Spectacular views it may have – but found concentrating on the road more than enough to take my attention. On top of that, the wind was giving me a bit of a hard time on the 250. The traffic wasn’t too bad as such, but at the next pit stop the word ‘splat’ got mentioned a couple of times – obviously my flirtatious behaviour with the white line on corners was not such a good thing!
By the time we reached Apollo Bay were more than ready for a lunch break. Revived, headed off towards Port Campbell. Roads here were much more familiar to me – sweeping corners thro’ forest, so felt at home. After a leisurely stroll (& powernap thro’ the video) at the Otway lighthouse we reached our destination with plenty of daylight to spare.
Not-so-early next morning headed off again – this time zig zagging our way thro’ some back roads. Stopping to choose which way to go, I innocently pointed at a particular road thro’ a state park. ‘Looks interesting’ says me. Well – 16km of Gravel later – really soft sand & hunks of rock that is – we emerged the other side in one piece – thank fully. My only defence is I wasn’t in charge of the route we took & you asked!
Next stop was the Air Walk. Have been on the one west of Hobart & this was just as good. Discussed the possibility of absailing off the 47m high tower, or using a flying fox to get back to the bikes, but did the right thing & kept to the walkway.
Then homewards bound, skipping around Geelong & onto the freeway where some ‘person’ tried to cut me off by coming into a lane that was about to dissolve anyhow! & being tailgaited & having a truck put itself alongside me so I had to battle with its damn draft, but made it back just on dusk – very tired, but happy.
750km & the ‘little’ bike never skipped a beat. Even when @ 80+km as I reached across with my left hand to adjust my right glove, accidentally hitting the kill switch! Took me a nano-second to realise what I’d done, turned it back on, not even a jerk – just kept running smoothly….
And I make no apologies to the 1000rr which got ignored at the service station whilst mine received praise from a fellow biker. :)

22-03-2006, 03:46 PM
And I make no apologies to the 1000rr which got ignored at the service station whilst mine received praise from a fellow biker. :)

...and you want to sell that bike?
Then wait in line at the servo?
naw.... ;D ;D
That lighthouse shot is neat :)