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23-03-2006, 10:57 AM
At work the pre-christmas rush is our busiest time of the year. No one is allowed any time off from October on.

The boss comes around and tells me I have to go to a 3-day conference in Sydney.

He tells me he's booking airfares.

I told him I don't fly, I don't do anything dangerous.

He says for me to get there and he doesn't care how! (Ok, now he's telling me something I can do)

Ok he's booked me into some place called Manly! (Tell me, what can a bloke do there?)

He told I can take something called the ferry from there. (Is that like a tram only its in Sydney?)

Looks like the old K11 is going to get a run and will need a service and I had better drag out a map and find a way to get there.

During the service I find a cracked fairing sub-frame and decide it needs welding so off comes the fairing, then decided to do the fork seals and replace the head stem bearings. Don't you hate these little niggley jobs you find, that makes you do those other jobs you have been putting off.

Well it's fuel up time and I'm off it's nearly midday. Been doing those jobs you have to get done all morning.


What's this, a new sign for the old hometown?


Past one of the biggest sawmills in the southern hemisphere earlier last century. Still in operation.


Now the fun starts, the sign says so!



23-03-2006, 10:58 AM
Stopped here for a quick break, Built to get the timber out.



More fun!





Scooted past where they found remains of Jaidyn Leskie. A two year old who disappeared under mysterious circumstances and his murder is still unsolved.




Found a new cheese cutter on the side of the road. Don't run off the road here.


Someone dug a hole in the ground . . .


To power some cloud makers.



Time to get a wriggle on the boring sections. Around the back of Moe on through Heyfield and stopped for a pie at Maffra. Hit the highway at Stratford and tried not to get a ticket on that mind numbing road to Bairnsdale. Fueled up at the cheapest place for miles around the half way mark between the two towns. Peak hour traffic in Bairnsdale, lane split 3 times, The 3 traffic lights in the main street. Now off to Bruthen and beyond. You can get a good rhythm lovely corners that you can see around and the straits just that ask to be opened up on. Be careful Mr Plod likes it too but I didn't see him and got away with it, this time. Turned off at the road works to Buchan, it's been a long time since I've been up this way and the K decided it need to stretch her legs. A quite road, odd log truck and Ute or two carrying a bush worker home with its compulsory chainsaw and half a load of firewood. Then it happened a white vehicle with the dreaded blue lettering over the bonnet and down the side speeding towards me. We both braked, nose down hard on both vehicles when we both realized that there was nothing we could do about the other. I got an embarrassed grin from him as we exchanged nods and we both got back to the business at hand.

Great views fantastic road as you wind your way down into Buchan.


Home of the Buchan Caves.





No swimming today!


Watch out for these guys.



Turn right to Orbost prepare to enjoy yourself. Watch out for gravel on some corners Log trucks use this road.






Onto Marlo here the Snowy River meets the sea.


Care should be taken, dangerous animals, including the rare red giraffes! Although I didn't see any.



Follow the coast to Cape Conran.



Great camping . . . but I have places to go.


Stopped for the night in Genoa, which is a couple of, houses a pub and caravan park. Got in just in time for a very nice feed of Flathead, an average $30 room with a lousy shower.


23-03-2006, 11:00 AM
Mallacoota looked good for Breakfast. Out of my way but a great road in there. First stop was the wharf.



Worth going back just for another one of these.


Views from the caravan park.



Back out to the highway turn right through the road works and a few minutes later I am over the NSW border.

I came this way to do the Imlay road. Turn left well before you get to Eden and let the fun begin. This road was made to get logs and timber down to the coast as fast and easy as possible. Its wide, a good surface just full of sweepers that go on for ever, sweepers that are asking to be taken at well over the speed limit. I did it on a Saturday morning and saw one car and no wild life although I expect a fair bit of movement around dawn and dusk. I understand that the trucks do get going on this bit of road. They are used to having it all to themselves and Mr Plod seems to leave them alone.

Bombala for morning tea and their signs says I'm half way. 520km to Sydney and 530km from Melbourne, ha ha, I've done over 700 and not many of them were strait.


Heading north from Bombala.



Turned right at the T and down Browns Mountain another one of those famous motorcycling roads.

Turn left at the Princes Hwy to more views


Turn left at Batemans Bay up Clyde Mountain, fantastic

Stayed in Tarago for the night. A great pub good food, great shower and good rooms, they will even lock your bike away if you ask. Not the cheapest pub I've stayed in but the standard is higher than most. I could have made it to Goulburn or Sydney but had to leave something for tomorrow.


Sunday dawned as a bright sunny day so I dressed accordingly. I expected a warm day and some time sitting in traffic. A few kays down the road everything came to a stop, road works, while the traffic was waiting the cloud rolled in, the temperature dropped and it was cold.



Got the go ahead and off to Golbourn. Didn't warm up for some time. Manly was made before lunch.

View from my window.



Evan the bike got a view


Going home was strait down the Hume, boring as . . . But I was home in 10 hours.

23-03-2006, 11:01 AM
At least your ride to Buchan Cave was nice and dry. The last time I went there is was pissing raining. I couldn't complain 'coz I wanted to see Buchan Cave.

23-03-2006, 11:02 AM
Geez, you've got a good boss. He got you a decent motel in a decent suburb BUT the big question for me is: Did he pay your travel expenses and if so have you got any more jobs going??
Regards, Nigel

23-03-2006, 11:04 AM
Geez, you've got a good boss. He got you a decent motel in a decent suburb BUT the big question for me is: Did he pay your travel expenses and if so have you got any more jobs going??
Regards, Nigel

No mate, I had the choice of an airfare or the accommodation up there. The boss did give me an extra day off to help with the traveling times.
I hope the taxman is going to help with the traveling costs :P

23-03-2006, 11:05 AM
Finally had time to get onto this...what a GREAT read !!! :shock: :D
Noiiiice pics, too.
Thanks for putting it up and sharing. :)

06-09-2006, 10:12 PM
Nice pics. I realise how much I miss Gippsland now. Last time I was up some of those roads it pissed down rain the whole way.

I also realise how much I want another K. :cry:

I love the R65 and it tours well (1622k in 22 hours) but it's just not the same.


07-09-2006, 07:28 AM
top report, trying to work put why I didnt see this earlier... theres a on the ball Admin for ya :lol:


07-09-2006, 08:14 AM
Looks like a great ride bud!

Well done for having the presence of mind to stop for that many pictures! :)

07-09-2006, 09:46 AM
Great pictures and funny report...makes me want to head out there and do that same ride....I have fond memories of some of those areas on the first Bananarama ride with Pete.
It all sounds excellent except for the last part through Sydney traffic to Manly!

07-09-2006, 05:22 PM
Wot can I say...
Luverly pics
Luverly commentary

Lucky lucky b@st@rd :D