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29-03-2006, 01:37 PM
I left Geelong at 6.13am on Monday morning and headed up through Ballan, Bendigo, and Echuca for a maccas breakfast.

Then it was on to Deni where I got a photo of the ute on a pole.


Then it was on to Hay. Its very hard to keep interested out this way and especially after Hay where it all looks like this.


I turned off at Booligul for the dirt run to Hillston


This road started off really well and a good pace could be maintaned. Then it changed to being really rocky and I had to slow down to 80kmh. Then I noticed beside the road that another track had started and this one was sandy and smooth. I jumped on this and the rest of the 50km sailed past in no time at all :thumb:


I got into Hillston for a bit of a rest before heading to Lake Cargelligo


There was some really good scenery along this road but the surface dictated a speed of between 85-95kmh. A bit slower than the previous dirt road :D


I got to Lake Cargelligo and then headed onto to Condobolin for the night


819km for the day.

The next day I set off in the rain for a place called Albert which is only a dot on the mat. 48km north on the bitumen then 65 east on a wide wet dirt road and back up to the earlier pace of yesterday. It was a lot fun powering around dirt sweepers on the 950 in the rain with the back end stepping out :thumb:

A quick photo at the Rabbit Trap Hotel Albert


Then it was back through Narromine, Parkes, and Orange.

From Orange I headed towards Blayney and then the 158km road to Goulburn. This road has around 25kms of fairly good(OK for roadbikes) dirt

The rest of the road is 85km/h down to 25km/h corners up and over rises nearly all the way to Goulburn with not many straights at all.

I really recommend this road its like riding in the High country but only a few Ks from home. A real Motard road :D


From there it was up the hume to Marulan then home over a very wet Cambewarra Mtn

792kms for the day.

Just over 1600kms for the day. And 5400km in 19days of owning the bike

29-03-2006, 04:18 PM
:D :D
Good stuff, love the pics, now I've got to find me a map for the route...

29-03-2006, 04:40 PM
:D :D
Good stuff, love the pics, now I've got to find me a map for the route...
does good maps of both urban and rural areas. for rural victoria it uses the vicroads country street directory.