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13-04-2006, 06:02 PM
originally posted Thu Dec 22, 2005
(thought id put this up its aobut the only other decent ride ive been on yet :lol: )

gold coast to bowen

i pulled it off ..
2763 km in total (return trip)
and im absolutley shagged
sunburnt and saddlesore

had a bloody ripper of a trip
met heaps of interesting people on the way..

left early mundy morning, arrived 1770 that arvy
awesome town lots to see... very relaxed atmosphere (like byron bay)

had an awesome trip keep it to about 600 kms a day.. riding an unfaired bike is veryy tiring...
pulled up to 1770 camping grounds at lunch and set up camp ... headed down the road to the pizza shop on the corner..
when i was there about 20 souped up scooters rocked up.. a tourgroup was taking all these tourists round.. its a bit intimidating being surrounded by 20 scooters
after the most awesome pizza ever and a few bundy rums i hit the hay.

next i headed to clairview whicih is basically between rockhampton and mackay... in the middle of nowwhere.
stayed at the caravan park there.. licensed bar as well 8)
clairview is an amazing place ,,, bush meets beach. the winds blow constantly at about 20 kts. the tide retreats to about 1 km out... pretty amazing scenery.. all the mangroves their grow at 45 degree angle because of the wind.
slept out under the stars and got absolutley savaged by the mosquitos.
and enjoyed the company of a queensland rail freight train passing by my campsite 100m away at every 2hrs of the night.
great hosts though.. and a great place to chill out.

next onwards to bowen. it gets veeery hot up their on the roads at least 38degrees + and i absolutely suffered.. drank heaps of water on the way up.. 600ml every hour..so i wasnt to bad... but i guess black textiles isnt the best gear to tour in.... lol.. but still better thean leathers.

next few days are a blur of lots of alcohol, food and alcohol

an absolute misson to get back..
2 days return..... 8hours riding a day...
soooo buggered..
bowen to rockie. 622 kays...
rockie to goldie. 733kays...
sooo saddle sore.... lol
crashed at a motel at rockie for the nite.. they had great parking facilitys for bikes their.. lol.. (check photos)

had an absolute blinder of a trip... nothing better than touring the country at your own pace and i was definatley in my element.

so who says you cant tour on a 2fiddy!!!!!!!!!
i had a rack spesh made up for the hornet which carried all my gear with ease.. packed all my gear down to a rucksack and kept all my camping gear in a bag slung off the side. good touring when you got a backrest as well. a nice blonde would have been better though

found out the hard way the only piece of clothing you need up north is a pair of boardshorts. lol. and a stubby cooler

and not one drop of rain!!!!
(one speeding ticket though )

so great trip... but where to next??? :D

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