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19-06-2006, 03:54 PM
Sun burning mercilessly into a sweltering 10C afternoon, the devil-red CT110 beckons for a quick run to Safeways for some needed bits.

Waste of time, really....let's nip up the twisties of Mountain Hwy. into Sassafras instead.
Things are wobbly...the 'proper" line through the bends makes 4th-to-3rd changes necessary mid-corner...the little CT just dies in the arse, just when 4th started to bite ...before the corner :( .
Let's change style and try something different. There's a nice leftie looming at the 2. water tank....keep the bike straight-ish, hang the body off and roll along the centre of the lane. THAT WORKED !! :D

Screaming up the hill, into 4th, finally hitting 70 it's into the next right...standard "Keith Code" entry, then sliding across and hanging over the right grip....shit, there's 75 showing at the exit !!

A maxi-scoot and a Hyosung 650 go past on one of the longer stretches, the guy on the scoot in SHORTS !! :shock: :shock: and jumper.
Turnaround in Sssafras, then down the same stretch. Yeeha, this is easier.
Change the style again, more back to the "normal" line, the hanging-off still works though.
Through it's OEM paintjob, the little CT is glowing red by the time we reach Safeways...then for the short stint home through the building peak-hour-traffic, not quitting for those 2 speedhumps.
Standing on the pegs and let the bike meet the bum....
See ya after I scraped the "thought-of-desert" 1kg of Ski-Delight (Strawberry, no less) yoghurt out of the gearsack....fuggen speedhumps :roll: :roll:

23-06-2006, 06:05 PM
Remind me not to ask you to pick up some eggs for me.........