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motorradrudi 31-05-2016 03:03 AM

Switzerland Julier/Albula/Flüela - 550 km FUN

a few days ago it was time again to go to Switzerland.
Markus and Anja, they spent the weekend in the Tannheimer Valley, had approached me to go on a tour with them.
I had the time and inclination, so it could go!
As a tour they had chosen the Albulapass-Julierpass-Flüelapass-Tour
I was a bit sceptical whether Markus could pass this quite long tour (with Anja on his bike. In addition, the Albula pass on several Internet sites was still marked "closed".
So it should go over the Julier pass first and then we wanted to look if the Albula would be already open and whether the time and condition would be enough to take this section!

At 8:30, we wanted to meet in Sonthofen. Just in time, the two with the Honda VFR 1200 arrived.
Via Hüttenberg and Ofterschwang we went first to the Riedbergpass.
By Großegg and Schwarzenberg, we then drove to the beautiful, narrow, and winding road to the Schnepfegg and then about Au and Damüls to the Fashinajoch. Then to Sunday and Thüringerberg and further to Feldkirch. From here, little charming line begins to Chur. Here we took a short cappuccino break and next up we went to Lenzerheide.

One last look down to Chur

Up above the scenic began to look very beautiful again!
The Heidlake at Lenzerheide:

Then via Tiefencastel to the Julier pass.

A short photo stop at the Marmorera-Lake:

Then up to the top of the pass.

Here I used the opportunity to shoot a 360° panorama (made up of 25 individual photographs in portrait orientation - with the help of the program "PanoramaStudio2").

motorradrudi 31-05-2016 03:04 AM

Re: Switzerland Julier/Albula/Flüela - 550 km FUN
Down in the upper Engadine Valley the beautiful view of the Lake Silvaplana and the village of Silvaplana

Then a break in St. Moritz.
We had seen the sign “Albula – open” on the way down to Tiefencastel. Markus said that he would like to drive a over the Albula and the Flüela. I didn't mind, especially since Markus had shown on the previous tour that he would manage the complete tour - almost 550 km in total - and would have fun too!
So we went up to the Albula pass:

About Davos then to the Flüela Pass.
On the Julier pass, the amount of snow was still rather low, but the Albula and especially the Flüela Pass still abundant a lot more snow:

We then finally went up to the Pillerhöhe through the Lower Engadine

and then finally the Hahntennjoch and the Gaichtpaß to Tannheim.
A vew kilometers bevor we arrived the hotel in Tannheim, a heavy rain catched us!
There, I said goodbye to my two companions and drove about the Oberjoch back to Sonthofen. In Hindelang the rain stops and I arrived home dry.

Overall a very beautiful day, whit a lot of fun!

Best regards

goodie 31-05-2016 08:49 AM

Re: Switzerland Julier/Albula/Flüela - 550 km FUN
:slobb ENVIOUS!!!!!

Thank you for sharing, Rudi! How beautiful! Let the season begin!

Paul n Dixie 31-05-2016 08:51 AM

Re: Switzerland Julier/Albula/Flüela - 550 km FUN
:glu Very beautiful, are the fields and grassed areas around Silvaplana and other villiages, mown? The grassed areas look like a golf course! yet I dont see any livestock to keep the pastures down?

It would be fair to say that given the choice of "our" Engadine and Engadine Valley in Switzerland...
I,m pretty sure think I'd take the Northern Hemisphere one!! :drool:

Sir Francis 31-05-2016 09:50 AM

Re: Switzerland Julier/Albula/Flüela - 550 km FUN
meh, who needs the Alps when we gots Melbourne...


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