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nev 12-01-2019 01:01 AM

2018 as seen by my Spot
2018. I didn't get out as much this year on the bike as I would have liked. Probably apathy more than anything else kept the k's down. Just under 18000km on the XT1200Z, 2600km on the Husky and about 4000km on a rental DR650 in NZ.

Nope the bikes didn't move.

1 day FarRide to Dartmouth. Left home at 3am. Watched the sun rise over Lake Hume. Home by 6pm

A 2 day tootle around Gippsland on the Terra

4 day trip to the Iron Butt annual gathering in Dalby QLD. 1 day up, 2 days back

Dayride out to Castlemaine on the Terra

3 day FarRide to Glendambo

FarRide to Leeton, 3 day ride with Jo

3 day ride to Wycheproof with Jo

dayride up to Devenish

overnight FarRide to Lobethal. Left home at 7:30pm and home by 9pm following day.

4 day ride to Canberra

short ride on the Terra to Mt Disappointment

3 day Far Cairn Rally ride

2 day ride to Golden Dragon Rally

2 day far ride to Eden. Out the door at 7:30pm and home by 8pm the following evening.

17 day ride through NZ South Island

too busy working to pay for the NZ trip.

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