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nev 07-02-2018 04:17 PM

2017 - as seen by my spot
Another year, another bunch of maps created by the magic of technology...

Started the year with dayride loop out to Woods Point

A FarRide in Mount Beauty. I went the long way. Rode the southern loop in an afternoon by myself then the northern loop over 2 days with Jo.

Rode out to Carisbook for lunch

A dayride out to Romsey

Jo and I took off to SA for a week or so.

Lunch in Lockington

Attended the Iron Butt association annual muster in Renmark. Tailem Bend, Renmark, Port Augusta, Adelaide and Renmark on the Friday then home on the Sunday.

Lunch in Nagambie

A FarRide to Lightning Ridge - Cobar on Friday then Lightning Ridge and home on Saturday.

An early morning ride for a 2:30am meetup with some other riders in Ballarat.

FarRide to Yandina - 3.5 days

A very short loop out to Kinglake

The Far Cairn Rally in Tottenham

The Golden Dragon Rally in Tarnagulla

Another early hours ride out to Ballarat.

A long weekend in Dromana

A FarRide to the pub in the scrub in Dergholm

A trip to Canberra to attend a funeral. (why waste an opportunity to ride the Barry Way).

SR500 Club Rally in Bethanga

Austouring xmas lunch in Alexandra.

and the whole year looked like this

Sir Francis 08-02-2018 06:19 PM

Re: 2017 - as seen by my spot
How many kilometres for the year Nev?

nev 10-02-2018 07:22 AM

Re: 2017 - as seen by my spot

Originally Posted by Sir Francis (Post 72587)
How many kilometres for the year Nev?

24,491km total

2,530 on the Terra = average 422km each time i took it out of the garage.
21,961 on the SuperTen = average 1,567km each time i took it out of the garage.

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