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dunc 17-05-2015 05:29 PM

feb 2014 ride
did a ride with a mate 12 months ago from wollongong down thru the snowies across to the coast and slab back to the gong

and day 2 and 3

did a run up to marulan then dirt we could find don to murrumbateman
where we did a fuel stop and tried to cool down as it was sweltering hot
the bikes getting some shade as well
from there the trip had to be changed a bit as after asking there was a locked gate the way we wanted to go so a look at the maps had us of to canberra way to cotter dam and then down through tharwa to adaminaby
with a fuel stop but maybe just for us as it was around 38 c and uncomfortable to ride in
from there down the dirt to adaminaby where we tied to get into the motel for a cool shower and some air con and they seemed busy there

and a nice tree for the bikes to have a rest as well
so a walk to the club for tea and a good rest we we started day 2

sortin some pics and will get day2 up

dunc 17-05-2015 06:46 PM

Re: feb 2014 ride
from there we hit the winding snowy hwy down to talbingo and a lovely bit of road it is

down to yarrangobilly

the site of this years
ALPINE RALLY for those going
and onto talbingo for fuel and some directions to get onto the powerline road over to the Elliot way near tumbarumba
a shot i got on a trip over the area
the power line is in the top r/h cnr that you go out on
and after the right pointing off we went and found the way
as you do you see a few of these along the way
straight across the elliot road and thru the gate to find the way down to maragle road which joins up at the pine forest
then to tooma for some food and refreshments

down to kancobahn

thru tom groggin for a stop

then jindabyne

and over to narooma where we got a room as i was knackered with the heat as it never let up and long story short had got dehydrated real bad and felt shit

the 3rd day was uneventful as a ride straight to the gong as i was real crook so no pics at all just wanted to get home

home and then a hospital stay for 2 days ended what was a great trip
all except the hospital bit that sucked
but have learnt since then take a camel back always and use it and have extra water to keep the fluids up at all times

Paul n Dixie 18-05-2015 07:36 AM

Re: feb 2014 ride
:clap: great ride report mate, well done and thanks for posting :D

No good about the dehydration, it happens due to evaporation via your skin in the wind as well as heat so can happen in colder weather also.I also read that alcohol takes out 1/3 more "water" than it puts 1 litre beer takes out 300ml or so of "water" from your body,so its good to have a few water drinks with beers or before bed etc - (for those of us whom may indulge :wink:)
Old rule of thumb is keep drinking water/electrolytes until yer pee is clear :wink:
Looking forward to more RR,s :D

glitch 18-05-2015 03:38 PM

Re: feb 2014 ride
Those aerial shots are awesome ! :clap:
Thanks for posting up the yarn. :so

dunc 18-05-2015 07:40 PM

Re: feb 2014 ride
thanks for the replies
yep the dehydration bit is a real problem but wont let that happen again

and had to charter a plane to melbourne from wollongong and straight back after dropping my father off [long sad story ]
so was surprised how low he flew for the trip there and back
got to see some great scenery of the mountains
could have dropped a rock on this

hume and the bridge at bellbridge

took about 600 pics :photo:

should put some up and see if you know where they are :wink:
or maybe not :whistle:

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