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Default Re: These Are My Adventures

Originally Posted by thedecepticon View Post

I ended up finishing a proper ride report of our NSW trip and a ride report of our Tassie escapade. It doesn't compare to some of the great NZ and Euro threads here although I hope you all find something to like.


Mate, it doesn't have to compare at's a different part of the world and you came away with some pretty sweet shots.
Took me a while to go through's quite a yarn!

Originally Posted by thedecepticon View Post
10 days in Tassie, mostly on the West Coast and into the middle a bit. Plenty to come back for!
Still not finished with the Tassie posts....but aren't you lucky you got there (and out) before it all turned to charcoal.
Yeah, you left yourself a whole bag of good stuff for the next Tassie run.
Again, some good pics with early morning/ late afternoon lighting, beautiful.

Thanks for the heads-up.
(I had already scanned some of the NSW trip on ADV before)
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