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Default Fridays are too good to spend at work

Another FarRide had been scheduled. Destination for lunch, Bermagui NSW. Since the last decent ride I went on was another FarRide to Eden, the obvious, most direct routes were already travelled last Oct, so I decided on a different course.

Friday morning 07:30 I left home and headed north to Yea, then east. Breakfast stop in Bonnie Doon. While there I noticed a cockatoo at the top of a tree hadn't really moved much since I'd been there, and other cockies were flying around the vicinity. The one in the tree actually looked to be trying to make eye contact with me. He was attached to what seemed to be a large knotted length of twine which was wrapped around some branches and was struggling to break free.

I went into a cafe there and pointed at the tree and told the lady behind the counter I think there was a bird caught in it. She was busy texting someone and told me she was in contact with the council and they were trying to get a cherry picker out there, and that the bird had been caught in there since the previous afternoon.

So onwards I went. Through Mansfield to Whitfield where the jacket liner and overpants were removed.

A quick stop near Powers lookout to launch the drone over the valley.

Through Beechworth and Yack, and over the Granya Gap. A quick stop along the river road near Granya.

Across the river at Jingellic and through Tumbarumba and Tumut, then the dirt to Wee Jasper.

Then into Yass where i found a cheap motel, and a great meal at the Soldiers Club in town.
and a quick look through town, and Banjo Paterson Park

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