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Default Re: Slow Road to Muckle Flugga

The midges enjoyed my early start. Unlike mozzies, midges also get in your mouth, up your nose, in your ears. Little bastards .
Then off in clear calm conditions which didn't last long -

Got into Kennacraig at the same time as the rain. Donned full wets and headed north up the A83. It got a bit unpleasant today so not much sightseeing down little side roads.

Left onto the B844 down to the Bridge Over The Atlantic (which sounds a bit naff) and crossed over to Seil -


Seil's not very big, so a short time later arrived at its end, at Ellenabeich, looking suitably grim in the rain huddling under the grey cliffs -

In Ellenabeich's ferry shelter, if you can master the button sequence ......

.... you can summon what must be Scotland's smallest ferry , which takes you 200m over to the Isle of Easdale -

It'll buff out -

Seil would be beautiful in the sunshine. It's pretty good in the wet too -

Back onto the A roads and headed north up to Fort William. Busy with traffic and cursed with lots of motorhomes , it was a slow wet boring section. Turned left and thought I was hallucinating when I seemingly rode over the top of a couple of full-masted yachts. I'd stumbled across the Caledonian Canal -

This Welsh 70-footer is heading to Estonia for a series of Baltic races. The tow-guy says the canal saves days of sailing around the north coast and (in a melodious Welsh accent ) "it's a lot, lot prettier". It takes about 4 hours to pass through the 7 locks -

Then up the tricky little B8004 to Spean Bridge and the Commando Memorial. Respect -

Back to the A830 and went west to Glenfinnan. The Glenfinnan Monument, remembering all the supporters who died for Bonnie Prince Charlie, who then promptly buggered off to France -

More impressive (particularly in the mist ) is the Glenfinnan Viaduct. Under 30yo's will know it as the Harry Potter Bridge -

Then off to Arisaig -

Wringing wet gloves, water trickling down my chest and visor & cameras chronically misted, I was a bit over it by now. Arrived at the Arisaig Hotel (where Brenda and I spent part of our first Scottish trip in 1990), turned my room's heating to full and hung everything out to dry. Including my mojo which was damp too -

More ....
.... Peter.

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