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Default Re: Somewhere over the rainbow, way out west...

Jeparit was full.

As was Warracknabeel.

As was Minyip.

It was getting dark on the ride to Donald.

The first three places in Donald were full as well. Bizarrely I seemed to be the only guest staying at the last pub on offer. OK it was the most expensive pub room in the history of pub rooms but the place was clean and partially renovated and the owners were super friendly and helpful...

As there was no one in my pub's dining room at 7pm, I figured I'd take in town. Now I must say I'm rather proud on my efforts not only did I find good steak at the western pub - I managed to drink the town of Donald dry of stout....

It wasn't all that hard I must admit - western pub total supply 3 stubbies, my pub total supply 2 stubbies, eastern pub zero - but I'm claiming it
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