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Default Ant's even bigger Indo adventure

So I finally made the big move to Indonesia that I've been threatening my family with for some 20 years. Now the kid has flown the coop it's time to get (more) irresponsible so I've headed over to take up a business opportunity, primarily Jakarta-based but with time off in Bali and hopefully trips to more remote parts of Indonesia as work allows.

I'll miss all you beautiful people but I'll be back to Melbourne for visits and of course the occasional Austouring adventure - looking forward to the Waiparara next March.

But the good news is that I'll be posting some pics from my adventures here - and of the usual selection of antique and unusual two-wheel transport that abounds in Southeast Asia.

To start us off, a classic - the Honda Super Cub which apparently is still in production since 1958! - this is a 70 Deluxe. It's great that the locals still value these types of bikes even though much more modern alternatives are available. Wikipedia says the Cub is the most produced bike in history with over 100 million built.

*I've linked these pics from Facebook - let me know if they are not visible to you.*

I'm still settling in for a week or two of R&R before heading into Jakarta - a nice trip into the hills yesterday to a villa once inhabited by a famous German artist in the 1920s and 30s, Walter Spies. Now its a hotel and restaurant - has a direct view of Mt Agung which has been in the news recently - unfortunately obscured by clouds when we were there.

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