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Default Re: The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads

As I said next is Grimsel Pass.

While running up to the Pass you can make a little side step to the Grimsel Hospiz.

I walked around and saw the realy grey water of one of the barrier lakes.

I also went into the free entry museum of the hydroelectric company. And by doing so I probably missed the time slot for the Oberaar Road, which you can go from the top of Grimsel Pass.

So down the other side into the Wallis. In the pic you can see down in the valley the road starts up Furka Pass.

But I wanted to go into the direction Leukerbad, so I turned right at the bottom.
After some time the big road on the valley floor turned boring.
Hey looks interesting that tiny line on the Garmin. So just after the small Village of Fiesch I turned into Binn Tal. After some km you enter a small but straight tunnel. When you are through the scenery has changed wide and open before, now it's a quite narrow valley. And of course its a single road. Unfortunately the trafic stops in front of the bridge to the last village Faeld. but there is a good place to rest and kill some time.

The black old wood of the houses in the Wallis is amazing. This is Faeld.

Further down are more nice houses.

This has different coloured wood, probably they topped up the upper floor some years ago.

This storage is well protected against nasty hungry bastards.

And they have an old bridge too.

Little did I know that a more spectacular bridge was waiting for me.

Ok lets go, time to roll.
Ciao Gero
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