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Default Re: Balkans_2018...You Only Live Once!

Budeasa (Romania)-> Bucharest (Romania)

With the bike-drop-off rescheduled to make a little room for a shopping- crawl around Bucharest's bike-and-accessory-shops, the remaining ~130k's
are just a transport run through the industrial flatlands north-west of Bucharest.... we're out of the hills, rivers and lakes.
Having memorized the route through Bucharest works flawlessly, aside from the half-dozen-bikes " being the center-of-obstruction for minute of main-intersection-chaos.
But it all works itself out in the end....

Within an hour of hitting-town we're walking back to the hotel from the Bike-Rental-Depot, ready for an afternoon of cruising the shops and packing up.

Bucharest is giving us a cheery farewell

No hiccups on the return journey, it all runs like clockwork and 24hrs later
Qatar Air deposits us at a busy Melbourne Tullamarine.

And thus end 3 weeks of The Balkans....which, of course, were about 3 months too short. Cheerio

Villa Tamara...back to Square One

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