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Default Re: Balkans_2018...You Only Live Once!

Originally Posted by glitch View Post

Not really knowing what to expect (and with a good amount of trepidation), it certainly turned into one of the most memorable trips we've ever had.
The same for us, when they opened the borders.
(Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Albania)

Originally Posted by glitch View Post

And while the many border-crossings turned out pretty smooth, if often drawn out, it's amazing that the former enemies can deal with eachother in such a way.
I bet, that nothing has really changed underneath, though...nobody throws away centuries of historical friction just like that.
Sure, You are right! In the backround can be fatal. Often, they will use knives (the status symbol of many Balkan peoples),
for any kind of perceptive differences like. Family.- Clan and Neighborhood wars.
Most of it is a question of Tradition and Religion,.... often more than political confrontations.
I think... it is like all multicultures in all Corners over the world.

Originally Posted by glitch View Post
And then there's the people, the food, the historic buildings and infrastructure, the whole feel of the place.
And just a border-crossing and 2 hours later it's all different again.
Yeah..... itīs really amazing and different
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