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Default Re: Nev & Jo NZ2018 South Island

Day 4 Dunedin

The weather forecast for this day was going to be nasty everywhere in NZ, so alternatives to riding needed to be sought. I booked us on the historic railway up the Taieri Gorge, a 4 hour train ride. A good way to spend a miserable day.

Dunedin Station

One of the many viaducts along the gorge

And a few tunnels. Most were only built a few cm larger than the tran carriages so the train must almost slow to walking pace to proceed. The longest was about a mile long.

The following images are taken on the last shared rail/road bridge in NZ.
Just prior to the bridge, the road intersects with the rail line.

It is a single lane bridge, trains have priority. On the other side of the bridge the road branches off to the left.

A former home of a railway worker. This house is owned as a holiday house by a family who purchased it from the railways company in the 1930s. It is only accessible by rail, or by a dirty railway road which stops 500 metres prior to the house, and then walking the final ˝ km, which includes through one of the railway tunnels.

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