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Default Re: Nev & Jo NZ2018 South Island

Some highlights included a Britten V1000, 1 of only 10 ever built. If you wanted one, you’d probably need at least a million dollars, and then you’d need to wait about a million years until one of the current owners finally decided to sell.

If you’ve never heard of John Britten then read his wikipedia page. He’s probably comparable to Erik Buell in terms of his nouse for design and looking at completely different ways to achieve outcomes in motorcycle engineering, but then exceeds him in every possible direction by doing it all in his garage at home, rather than with factory backing.

Some of John Brittens other race bikes on display

Here’s a link to a short TV documentary video on John Britten designing and building the V1000.. well worth a watch.

A lovely mockup combi rolling down the main street

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