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Default Re: Glitch and K!W1 head off together armed only with cameras.

pt. 2

While I love the ~10k's either side of Mt. Skene for the "alpine" and "remote" feeling and setting, another interesting way is to go back to Matlock and towards Walhalla, then tack south-east up and across Mt. Selma (could be a bit chopped around the top but usually ok on a "whale" via Mt. Selma Rd., then hang a sharp left onto the wide and easy South Rd. which leads north-east back onto the Jamo-Licola Rd.
Mt. Selma and South shouldn't get quite as chopped and corrugated as the Jamo-Licola Rd. does this time of year.

There's a nice shortcut through the water-catchment area of Moondara Dam, but the slip-in on the Tyers-Walhalla Rd. is a bit hard to find. I think I never found it without zipping past first for a slow Uee and double-back, a bit dangerous on that main road which is a forested "wriggler" with bad visibility @ 100kmh limit.
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