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Default Los Angeles or dust - we chose Harleys!

Where to ride around LA if you have 3 days left before heading home?

A lot of dust is possible east of LA, but unlike in Berlin we chose a Harley Tour.
Harley Davidson? No I never will ride one! But when you are in California and you have to drive on blacktop - then it is time to break the rule.

Thanks to Bernd and Mark I will use their pics as well in this RR.

After we had our duty done, we spent the afternoon before the ride in Anaheim.
Goofy's haute cuisine nearly caused a stomach upset.

The Anaheim Ducks were playing against Chicago, so off we went.

The next morning we were the first who entered the branch of Eaglerider. They rent everything from HD to Yamaha.

Who wants to take the ride?


and me

In the shop we made last adjustments to the tour.

Finally we were allowed to go for the bikes. Hm, which one?

I flagged my Road King.
Ciao Gero

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