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Default Re: NewYear '18...lunch at the Wombat

Picking the Old Strathbogie Rd. down to Merton was a little surprise, the semi-overgrown, rutted, lumpy, rooted track of years past is still a narrow, tight affair in places but in pretty good nick overall, and obviously looked after now that there are a few more hobby-farms along the way.
Saw a crappy, lumpy, old clay track with a hand-painted corro sign "Dry weather road only" branch off near the top where it's still Jukes Rd....will have a look at that next time.

Overlooking the Goulburn River Flats out the back of Alexandra

Beautiful, quiet little spot...

Mighty Old, near Taggerty Airfield

Neds Peak and the 2 Jawbones of the Cathedral Range

The back way around Buxton, fuel in Marysville, then some Granton gravel towards the Acheron Way.

The day is getting long...Acheron River Bridge

Thanks all for coming along....and 'till next New Years Day at The Wombat!
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