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Default Berlin or Dust - I went for the Dust!

I'm living 230 km west of Berlin. So it's just a 2.5 hour drive on the motorway and I would be in Berlin "Brandenburger Tor".

Berlin-Brandenburger Tor nowadays

Brandenburger Tor in 1982

But if you love the dust it is better to pass Berlin and head for the old unpaved tracks east of Berlin.

Peter twisting the throttle.

We did all this already some years ago. But it's never to late to write everything down in a thread.
I was expecting my friends from Austria. They are strong believers of the dirt. What else can you expect from KTM drivers?

Their second burning desire was to have a run to see the Baltic sea. So I offered them a tour off the beaten track from south of Berlin to Usedom - the prettiest German island in the Baltic.
To show you this interesting area in Germany I put two scouting tours and the real tour together into this thread.
Ciao Gero
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