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Default Re: Berlin or Dust - I went for the Dust!

Originally Posted by Zuckerbaron View Post
The first scouting brought me as far as Chorin.
Near Bad Freienwalde I came to this sign. As you can see by my alias I love that white stuff, which enlightens your day!

OK, got your birth place now...

Originally Posted by Zuckerbaron View Post
For a rider from Down Under or the States riding in the dust is no problem. For a rider in Germany it is a real challenge to find legal dirt. 99.8 % of the German Traffic system is paved. So it was a real pleasure to find more and more km in the dirt.
Agree, no comparison....but give us another 20 years to pave more and more of the "good stuff" and lock away the rest for "recreational use".

Originally Posted by Zuckerbaron View Post
Out here in the North East a lot of interesting buildings are surrendered: The people are gone or it is to expensive to refurbish or it is run down in the past or to far away from anything.
It sure is a crying shame. Saw the same thing in/ around Stralsund last year....and even more so in the Balkans.
Some beautiful workmanship and unique features just rotting into the ground, most likely never to be seen again.

That building in the 2. pic is typical for it.

Keep traveling, mate....this is something special.
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