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Default Re: Berlin or Dust - I went for the Dust!

On our way to Templin we passed settlements where most of the people went west to towns where is more work or simply more "life".
As always the elder people stay. For example Glambeck, it is right beside the motorway but that doesn't help. Life just passes by this small community.

The old lady told us they stopped the normal bus service, she has to take the school bus to get to the next town.

The small church is beside a touristic bicycle "road".

On the other hand you come along massive buildings like this chateau and you ask yourself: Who was so weird to build such a castle in the middle of nowhere.

Finally we reaced the backwater of Usedom near Anklam.

We tried to avoid the bridge cause R. and me thought that wouldn't fit the style of our trip.

Ciao Gero
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