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Default Re: Berlin or Dust - I went for the Dust!

Originally Posted by Zuckerbaron View Post
New was Straupitz at the north end of the Spreewald. This small village has a church, which easily could serve a town of 15.000

Strange looking they decided to just quit finishing the spires and keep it right here. Or someone came along and sawed off the tops overnight.

There's a tiny church in Gurtnellen-Dorf near Wassen/ Andermatt/ CH with a chopped-off spire like that. They did finish it off with some peaked dome and cross, but it's totally out of proportion to the rest of the building.

Originally Posted by Zuckerbaron View Post
Same place as the first time, only the other side of the gate
what is an Egyptian statue doing at the Spreewald?
Lots of strange stuff around that area, by the looks of it.

Originally Posted by Zuckerbaron View Post
Hey Pete, you were in Stralsund! We could have made a dirt tour from Stralsund to Berlin!
Maybe next Sept?
Looking at some rental bikes in either Stralsund or Rostock at the moment, but they only seem to have roadie-stuff.
I'll keep digging.

You've got some sweet pics there...
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