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Default Re: Berlin or Dust - I went for the Dust!

Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Just a stone's throw away from the Polish border for the whole way?
Good to see you had some company there, too.
How long was the whole route? (one way)
How many days ?
(considering a lot of stops, an easy pace and lots of photo-taking).

Did you trailer the bike/ bikes to the Spreewald again for that last, 3. ride?

Thanks for a great read!

Hi Pete,

north of Neuhardenberg up to Chorin it's quite near to the border.

It takes two days with a lot of stops. With R. and also with Barbara and Peter it took us two days. A nice place for the night is Chorin.

For the 3. ride I trailered it for sure not to Spreewald, cause I wanted to do some exploring in the afternoon, I think it was Müncheberg where I parked.

By the way Barbara and Peter are in your backyard in the moment. Tasmania somewhere
Ciao Gero

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