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Default Re: Berlin or Dust - I went for the Dust!

Originally Posted by Zuckerbaron View Post
Renting a bike in that area is probably not that easy. But one has to try.
With a little luck we might be getting somewhere.

Found a little info about that cute, little tower (the Pigeon-Tower)

Seems that the local blueblood was given rights to possess and use pigeons (for communications), therefore the "Pigeon Tower"/ nest.
(my granddad had 20-30 pairs of homing pigeons for 30 years and was part of the pigeon holders-scene/clubs/ competitions etc)
I rather preferred them fresh out of the oven to scraping the shyte and stuff out of their nesting boxes (which then went in with the seeding potatoes)
or trying to lift a nesting bird from the eggs to replace them with the plaster variety for "population control".
Too many in the hatch and the males start fighting over nisting boxes!
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