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Default Re: The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads

Originally Posted by Hytram View Post

great stuff, please keep them coming. IMHO its the most beautiful part of the world!

Thanks for waiting for the rest. If it is the most beautiful part of the world I can't tell. But for sure it's a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice one!

Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Sure is.

Great pics you've got there...and I can imagine the timber-smell of that "water"-saw, it's incredible how long Arven-timber holds its smell.
My mum got a small Arven-timber chest made in Pontresina/ Engadin/ St. Moritz area....and 55 years on, this thing still knocks you out when you lift the lid.

Grimsel next.... and a peek at the Oberaar-Road?

I stood in front of the traffic lights of Oberaar Road and by looking on the clock I decided it is a road for the next trip. I didn't know that they have one way time slots.
Ciao Gero
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