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Default Wye River 45 years on

Decided to re-visit Wye River 45 years after the first. Have been back a many times in between, will probably go back again.

Things have changed, the pub is catering for the Hipster Set very well, I felt out of touch without a sleeveless puffy jacket, a man bun or being able to stand at the urinal and text with my free hand. Well of course that's because I need two hands to take care of business

Martin and one of his mates joined us, and look who showed up.

The old Wye Valley camp ground is now a BIG 4 and has increased the rates to go with it - around $55 / $63 for an unpowered / powered site. At least the grass was green and lush.

The pub also knows how to charge for drinks and a meal. I have a theory, the Geelong TAFE (or equivalent), like in Tassie and NZ, has a course on How to Charge Tourists, and they have all passed the course with flying colours.

Just ask Doug, he thought he might need to sell the XT to pay for his entre size main course of grilled Baramundi.

The beers were cold and plentiful though.

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