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Default Re: Berlin or Dust - I went for the Dust!

Second scouting was together with my friend R., sorry no photos, he is the ghost rider.

We drove to the southern starting point in the Spreewald and the goal was to end on the island Usedom. From there he wanted to travel west along the coast and I would ride back to the trailer.

We followed more or less the route from my first run. North of Chorin everything is new. Interesting will be, if we find a ferry to Usedom.

Starting procedure: Unloading from the trailer and uploading the luggage.

New was Straupitz at the north end of the Spreewald. This small village has a church, which easily could serve a town of 15.000.

On the way to Steinhöfel.

Same place as the first time, only the other side of the gate.

Ciao Gero
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