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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Over The Shoulder....Rides through the Decades

As life, events and rides roll along year after year, things tend to blur into each other.
“Remember when...” turns into “I think there might’ve been...” and trying to sort out who was on which trip, what happened when and where and to whom is all turning into mush.

Time to “look over the shoulder” and put things together from old ride-reports, pics stashed away for a long time and comments of those who were there, possibly shaking lose some memories of things here and there.

Some of those who came along on all those trips have somehow “faded away”...others came and went....but quite a few are still around.

A few pics to pull the trigger... and it will be a bit of a project for a while.

Where better to start than with the “early days” of digital cameras and the all-conquering JPG’s...

There weren’t too many motorcycle-related groups on the Net then, the AusMoto Newsgroup the only Australian online- mob around, including Jason and Vic, who , a little later, founded NetRider first as a Yahoo-based newsgroup, turning into a forum later (2002-03?).

No ADVrider, no HorizonsUnlimited, no mcnews, Overclockers, owner forums....this was Forum-Ice Age. I doubt even the BoM being on the net at the time, so we couldn’t check weather ourselves, but had to believe whatever the Channel 9 weather bunny was telling us.

Bikes, rides,’s been a ripsnorter of a decade...or two !!
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