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Default November '01__6_peaks #1

Vic High Country

Australia-Day weekend ...and we didn’t know it then, but this was the start of something that’s still rolling at full steam more than 15 years later.

The Original 6-peaks
(...and the start of endless tour-shirts for all of the big rides)

It all started with Graham and Joy getting hitched in Eildon

L to R: Latte Dave (FondaHonda)...Lee on BabyBlade, frozen white....Danny Trumpy TT6...Graham in front, MickG (MickG) in the back...Joy...Jason...Dave Mountainhitter GSXF750 and Jan, his better half.

Latte-Dave on the CBR6 and MickG at Dinner Plains

Christ, was it miserable up there or what? Mayhem on the Falls Creek Rd. Bikes down like flies.
That "carpark" is right in the middle of the Falls Creek Rd.
(and the pic is still used in the NetRider forum banner)

It’d sometimes turned into a “survival” ride along the way...

For the complete yarn and ALL the pics (total ~a dozen)

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