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Default Re: Balkans_2018...You Only Live Once!

Home-run along the coastal hillsides....

The narrow coastal road through the vineyards between the Dingac Tunnel and Trstenik...the vines are so heavy that the fruit sits + bakes on the asphalt!

Was that a flash and rumble up there? Makes the hair stand-up, too.
Time to get under roof, maybe?
Boy, that was TIGHT!!

The wall of rain even starts before the almighty squall and massive rush of air that makes things fly around the neighbourhood and rattle the crap out of anything not bolted tight.

Don't know if that BBQ chimney is weather-proof, though

And so start two and a half days of Bora that not just whitecap the normally calm Mediterranean waters, but at times even make it foam up. The gusts are
ferocious and temps drop 10-15C within 10 minutes.
It certainly tries to : " BLOW THE HOUSE DOWN"


The little Trstenik Hideaway
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