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Default Kosciuszko Rally 2015

Originally Posted by Williamson View Post

The Mighty ST is back, 45 days sans the Mighty One and I have an itch that only be relieved with a long (for me anyway) ride. This the plan:

You're welcome to tag along, sorry 'bout the late notice.
After 45 days napping, the Mighty ST was ready to unleash it's mighty POWER.

Delayed start was the only item in above itinerary that didn't go to plan, didn't think I would have time for pics but made good time on the road, stopped at Scammell's Lookout.

The rally was organised by the BMW ACT Club, not many attended, probably around 50 or 60, some said there use to be 300 to 400 in the early 80's.

Usual raffle, $1:00 per ticket, 1st prize was a choice of a BMW jacket ($1,200 worth) or Helmet ($900), lots of consolation prizes, I won a mini air-compressor and a bottle of tyre sealant.

Consumed a few frostie frothies, sat around a camp fire, talked, listened to a lot of bulltish, early to bed, early to rise.

A couple of more pics before leaving. A view of the west face of Mount Kosciuszko.

Not much snow on top.

At the Murray River.

Looking back.


From Corryong lookout.

Why do they call this place Clack Clack?

Any of you guys and gals been down the Lucyvale Road?

Perhaps somewhere to explore next AusDay weekend?

Alans Flat Road.

I was gunna explore this but the rain came pretty heavy, so next AusDay weekend .......


Home around 5:00pm, around 1,120km for the weekend.i

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