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Default Re: Mt Lindsay Hwy & Girraween

This morning, I left the Girraween after breakfast. Instead of heading back up the highway, I went down to Tenterfield and back up the Mt Lindsay Highway. I took a side route down the Basket Swamp Falls road. It was 12km each way of unsealed and muddy fun.

I passed a 2WD sedan after about 2km just as a lady in her 50s stomped out of the car near a big wash out and the man (who I presume was her husband) kept driving. I can only assume they gave in on the road because I didn't see them on the way back ... and I think if there was concern about the safety of driving down the early part of the road, it was good they didn't continue because the road degenerated.

There seemed to be a lot of fun dirt tracks in the State Forest there to ride down - perhaps a project for a weekend.

After Basket Swamp, I flew down the Mt Lindsay Hwy home. It was a great weekend away.
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